June 3, 2016


Hey! everyone here is a look at the Sunil Mehra summer collection 2016. Each piece of this exquisite collection is a labour of  Love ;handmade by highly skilled craftsmen. I love the collection because it is  so Vibrant, Radiant and full of Vigour and Vitality. It is rich, opulent and luxurious !!  It is for the man of today. Extremely Confident, Rooted, Centred, Connected to life, Dynamic, Powerful, Strong,Stylish ,Masculine and In-vogue. Qualities that every woman desires for in her man!!!

How I see it; each piece comes from a beautiful mind that is Divinely Inspired! I feel when you adorn a Sunil Mehra; your masculine energy , power and beauty shines through.. The colours are so beautiful and full of life.

The collection is about sartorial elegance, concentrating purely on detailing while keeping it functional and comfortable. Fabrics like silk, linen, cotton  and Italian Jacquard are used for the ultimate classic look.

June 2, 2016


So just a few days back I received an E-mail from this lovely PR consultant Kanupriya Wadalia  from Sky Communications  that she on behalf of the Designer Sunil Mehra; a Bespoke  Luxury Menswear design house having over 25 years of experience in developing Couture pieces for men is organising a "Wine and Cheese" event  between 17th June and 19th June .She wrote to me that they are keen to associate with me where I can host the evening in association with  the Designer Sunil Mehra!!!!

So obviously I was very excited!!! I was asked to come and meet the dynamic son - Mr Saggar Mehra who is the Creative Director  for the House of Sunil Mehra.  And I have to tell you what an experience!!. The Sunil Mehra store in Gurgaon is a Visual treat. It is Majestic!!! Its so beautiful and so grand. It is opulent. It is so rich in culture and heritage. It literally takes your breath away. It is luxury Magnified and Personified!! It is like no other store I have ever  been to. If I call it a Temple of fashion; I wouldn't be wrong. This store is pulsating and reverberating with Life !!!

The Inspiration for everything in this store flows from Lord Krishna. You can clearly experience Mr Sunil Mehra's love and Devotion for Lord Krishna here. The walls are adorned with the most beautiful Lord Krishna paintings. Here your senses will go on an overdrive .The place is flowing with fragrance of fresh Roses sprinkled all over the store. A sense of calmness prevails over you the moment you enter the store. You can hear the water flowing. Seriously guys you can meditate here!!  I also Imagined beautiful Gopis dancing  here. Lol!!!  And  the thing that I loved the most is that they serve you with Prasaad in a tiny little beautiful plate. Seriously mesmerising!! Truly the store is a work of art. It is really magical!!! Here you can experience the merging of Art and fashion! 

The designs are for the modern man of today. Each piece of this exquisite collection is handmade by highly skilled craftsmen working meticulously to create outstanding work of Art. The  Sunil Mehra collection is an exquisite range of menswear-suits, trousers, shirts, ties, pocket squares, handmade shoes, bags, belts and more. The designs are crisp, fashion forward, modern as well as classic and radiant. For the connoisseurs of luxury-here you will truly understand what luxury means. 

Mr Saggar Mehra-Creative Director Sunil Mehra and Me

Delicious Prasaad!

April 30, 2016

Date with Desi Designers!!!!

One of the Privileges of being a blogger is that you get Invites to the most  awesome events! Yesterday was one such event that I  attended. I was Invited to DLF Emporio Shopping Fiesta.  An evening of cocktail, canap├ęs and conversation with India's acclaimed desi designers-Suneet Verma, Malini Ramani, Rina Dhaka and Priyanka Modi.

The event was hosted in partnership with Travel+ Leisure Magazine and Jack Daniels. The who's who of Delhi were Invited to celebrate the Shopping fiesta. The Guest were enjoying free Spa services by Delhi's most celebrated spa Amatra. Lots of selfies being clicked! Conversation flowing freely! Cocktails flowing even more freely. Everyone was glamorously dressed up. All in all people were having a great time.

I was more of an observer since I didn't know many people. But one of the very glamorously dressed up girl came up to me and said was I wearing a Roberto Cavalli and I was like not at the moment girl but maybe in the coming future. Lol!!!

I also had the opportunity of having a conversation with Rina Dhaka .The lady has a great sense of humour. She was like you know its good to see women wearing dresses in Delhi and  the need of the hour is to expose  a lot more leg to the Delhi guys so that they can finally  stop drooling and become used to seeing legs! And the way she said it was really funny!! I couldn't stop laughing.

I loved  Suneet Verma's  fashion advice for the season. He said it was good to see that people were finally dressing down. Its  not always nice to be lit up  like a Christmas tree because it distracts from who you truly are!!!! Solid advice girls!!! I totally resonate with it. Malini Ramani is really cool too!

All in all a fun event and a great experience!

DLF Emporio Shopping Fiesta

Suneet Verma and Me

Malini Ramani, Rina Dhaka and Me.

Rina Dhaka

Priyanka Modi

Suneet Verma and Malini Ramani