January 30, 2017


Oh, so this is Ryan who has been on leave for last one month. Yeah, Zorawar did mention that a guy called Ryan is expected to join back any time now. He did tell her that Ryan is the senior most executive amongst them all. Even Senior to Shawn-the Moron. Anahata just wants to get rid of Ryan right now. So, she acknowledges him with a perfunctory smile and mumbles a disinterested greeting to him. She is just not Interested in having an idle chat right now. She is not in the mood to play nice and sweet. Also she is a little irritated with him for emphasising that he is the Senior most executive.Whats up with that. Why did he feel the need to emphasise this fact. What does he expect………………………….that she should Kowtow to him!!!!!!!!!!!! because he is the senior most. As if she cares……………………………..She feels like sticking her tongue out at Ryan and telling him to buzz off.  Anahata is  taken aback at herself for contemplating such a childish behaviour.  God !!!!what has come over her!!!! She needs to project a  professional Image and not behave like a petulant child. Ryan really  seems to be bringing out the worst in her. 

Now, that all formal greeting has been done with she can finally go back to her work and focus on the job at hand. Senior most hmmmmmmmmmmmm…………………………………………….as if it makes any difference to her . Anahata knows that she is being rude for no fault of Ryan but she is beyond caring. She is feeling very dark right now. And also why is he looking at her with that amused expression on his face. He seems to be  unaffected by her haughty behaviour. This is enraging Anahata even more. So she says her bye to Zorawar and gives a dismissing look to Ryan. 

Once back at her cubicle, Anahata observes that Ryan and Shawn seem to get along really well. Shawn-the moron is genuinely happy to see him back. So is everybody else though. Zorawar, Monty, Shawn, Henna they are all very happy and excited to see him. Oh God………………………. this is so depressing. What if Ryan is just as demented as Shawn. And since both of them are friends he is definitely going to bitch about her to Ryan. And what if both decide to make her life a living hell at the academy. Goodness gracious …………………..she can’t cope with another Shawn. If Ryan is anything like Shawn-the dumb ass then she will definitely have to quit her job!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the reason she picked up a job in Goa was to feel at peace with herself!!!!!!!!!! And why did she have to behave like a bad tempered child infront of Ryan. He now has definite reasons to believe that she has a bad attitude. What is she going to do now??? Anahata's head is pounding now. She can feel a dull ache in her neck and shoulder.Her eyes are hurting with all that crying.Anahata is so tired with all that’s happened today. She is totally worn out .She just wants to go home and have a hot cup of tea. That would definitely relax her.

Its almost time to go back home. Anahata is waiting for Zorawar as he has offered to drop her home. She smiles at him as he approaches her. As they walk out of the academy together Zorawar cracks a joke about the enemity between Shawn And Her  .And how according to Baba Zorawar “Hate is the First sign of Love” and Anahata can’t help but laugh at the absurdity at what he is saying. Zorawar is so funny. He has such a great sense of humour. But sometime he can be really dumb!!!! That day will be the day when the earth stands still if this hate ever turns to love!!!!! No way, Anahata prefers to die then even entertain this thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Zorawar tells her to relax and not get so worked up . He is now giving her gyaan to not be so emotional at the office. According to him she needs to be more professional and no more water works for God sake. She needs to grow up and stop being so childish. Anahata thanks him for his lovely gyaan and waves goodbye to him. She is so relieved that she is back in her home and  finally this disastrous day has come to end. 

To be continued...............................................................................................................................

January 29, 2017


Today is a very Important day for Anahata. She has a very crucial meeting with a client. Since this is her first meeting she has to look her best. This is make or break for her. She has to make a good first Impression. Anahata knows that she is a beautiful girl. And when she walks into a room she makes her presence felt. She is five feet five inches tall, slim and trim. Fair complexion. She has a beautiful, clear and flawless skin. long beautiful tresses that fall till her waist. And her eyes are big and beautiful. She has been told many a times that her eyes are so mesmerising. And the hazel colour of her eyes can melt anyone’s heart. You can literally see what she is feeling at any given moment by just looking into her beautiful eyes. She is actually quite transparent that way. Anahata is a gorgeous girl. But she is not very comfortable with her feminity and tries to downplay her feminine beauty most of the times. She is more of a Tom Boy. She is not very comfortable with the male attention that she receives. So at her work place she has decided to friend zone all the guys. No one piques her Interest anyway!!!!

But today she is really nervous. She is lost in her head right now thinking what to wear for this meet. Finally, she decides to wear a saree as she has been told by Mr Fernandez that the client is a little conservative. Also Shawn-the dumb ass is accompanying her for this meeting. She just doesn’t trust him. God only know what plan he is cooking up in his mind to make her life more miserable. Anyways,she will cross that bridge when she gets there. Anahata looks at herself one more time in the mirror and is happy with her turn out. She is on her way out to meet with her client now.

2 hours later....................

Anahata just can’t believe what happened in the meeting today. Tears are shimmering in her eyes. She just can’t control her emotions now. How can Shawn do this to her. He completely humiliated her in front of the client. He made her look like a fool. And now Mr Fernandez is calling her Incompetent. What has she ever done to Shawn. Whys is he so mean to her. Anahata goes to the ladies locker room and is crying her heart out. She just can’t take all this crap from Shawn anymore. Anahata is sobbing so hard that Henna tells her to get a hold of herself and not to get so emotional. Her advise is “Shit Happens” . Move on!! Anahata dries her tears and strengthens her resolve that she will not let Shawn -The Devil’s Spawn win. To hell with him. As she re- enters the office premises with Henna. Zorawar and Monty come to her and try to console her and advise her to not let Shawn’s behaviour get to her. Mr Fernandez and Shawn are in an animated discussion. Shawn looks towards Anahata and gives her that evil grin. Anahata looks at him angrily and gives him a look of pure venom and looks the other way.

Anahata is angrily typing on her computer…………………………she is still very disturbed with the events of the day. She is physically present in the office but mentally else where. She is in a very bad frame of mind.She is oblivious to what is happening in the Marketing Department. She is feeling so lost and sad right now .Waves of loneliness are flowing through her whole body. Everybody else is having a merry time. Suddenly someone taps on her shoulder. Anahata is forced back down from her head and into her body. Zorawar and Monty are at her cubicle with a guy who Anahata has never seen before in the Academy.

Anahata shows complete disinterest in the guy standing with Zorawar and Monty. She just wants to be left on her own and not be bothered. She is actually being quite rude. The guy looks at her with an odd expression. Anahata doesn’t know who the hell he is and just wants him to get out of her face. He lifts his brow with an amused expression ; extends his hand towards Anahata  and Introduces himself - Hi! I am Ryan. The Senior most in the Marketing Department.
To Be Continued.....................................................................................................................

January 27, 2017


Anahata is fed up of this moron of a guy Shawn……………………. he is such an ass. Since the day, she has joined “The Goan Dance Academy” in the the beautiful city of Goa as a Junior Marketing Assistant he has made it his mission to make her life a living hell. He loves to torture her and is always bitching about her to Mr Fernandez who heads the Marketing department. Anahata is repulsed by Shawn-the dumb ass. She hates him from the core of her heart. She just can’t get it why he loves to trouble her so much. If the Devil ever had a child Shawn must be it!!!!!!!!!!!! Just thinking about Shawn and the thought of having to work alongside him is draining Anahata’s energy. In her whole 24 years she has never met someone as idiotic and stupid as him. She has a meeting with a client and Shawn is accompanying her since he is senior to her and has been with the academy for two years. Mr Fernandez has now  decided that Shawn-the moron will be mentoring Anahata!!!!!!!!!Oh what a nightmare!!!!

Why can’t Zorawar be her Mentor??? Anahata and Zorawar get along like house on fire. They work so well together. They have so much fun. They are always joking and laughing. They have such great camaraderie between them. Anahata really enjoys working with Zorawar. Everything is so easy and breezy with him. No stress, No tension at all. They get along so beautifully that the whole academy is assuming that they are a couple; which is of course not true. Zorawar is Anahata’s really good friend and they have a good laugh about this assumption of people. Also to quote unquote he is in a relationship with this beautiful  Muslim girl Ambreen and has his own problems which he likes to drown in a drink or two. To damn with such regressive people who can’t handle friendship between a man and a woman and want to label everything. Who cares anyway what people think!!! Anahata has pleaded and literally begged Mr Fernandez that Zorawar should be her mentor but Mr Know it all thinks otherwise and feels they have too much fun and end up doing no work at all . Which is of course not true. Mr Fernanadez is just a bloody sadist and a tad too scared of his wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or for that matter even Monty could be her mentor. He is a decent guy. Monty has been long enough with the academy. He knows as much as Shawn. Monty is very diplomatic. You will never find him meddling in other people’s affairs. He likes to stay neutral. A little tad too professional. He is always very calm and composed. He never take's side's. Anahata really  hates this about him. She feels that you can’t be neutral all the time. You can't be a thali ka baingan;na idhar ka na udhar ka. Its difficult to provoke him into losing his control. He is not emotional at all. He is always in control. But he is a nice guy otherwisw. Whenever Anahata is frustrated with Shawn her go to is Monty to vent her anger. Monty listens to her  patiently and then advises her -let it go yaar………….this further antagonizes Anahata .But that’s how Monty is he is friends with everyone.

Then there is Henna who is apparently Shawn’s Girlfriend. Yuck………….. how can any girl tolerate him. She is sooooooooooooo in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee and she sees the sunnnnnnnnnnnn and the moonnnnnnnn in him. And also doesn’t mind sharing him with her best friend sheena!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow…………….love knows no boundaries. Whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Babe you really can do better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yeah also there’s a guy called Ryan……………………………...who Anahata’s not met as yet as he is on leave.

So Anahata is stuck with Devil’s spawn Shawn for now...................................πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“

To be continued.........................................

January 25, 2017


Like Always Anahata is lost in her own world. There is this huge void within that she doesn’t Know how to fill up. She feels like a total stranger in her own body. She is constantly lost in her mind. A total disconnect with her own self. This feeling of emptiness within her is so overwhelming that sometimes she wonders if she could climb out of her body and just fly away to a no where land. She just wants to switch off these heavy and overwhelming feelings and sensations within her body. It’s so difficult for her to be just be present in the moment. She is always leaving her body and has made a home for herself in her mind. There is total mind and body disconnect. She is always lost in her thoughts. She just doesn’t understand why she feels the way she feels. She is so tired of all these feelings flowing through her. And none of these feelings feel good. They drain and fatigue her. Her eyes reflect this inner emptiness. There is an innate sadness in her eyes. She is always trying to hide her feelings from her friends and family. She doesn’t want to bother them with her troubles. So, she puts a smile on her lips but within she is totally messed up.

Anahata desperately wants to fall in love. Her heart aches for the most beautiful man who has the heart of a gold. She wants to be swept off her feet by a man like no other. She wants a love like no other. She dreams of a man who will take her breath away. A man who will love her, protect her and stand by her come what may. A man who has eyes for her and only her. A man with whom she can sing, laugh, dance, cry and stare deeply into his beautiful eyes. She wants to pour her heart out to him. A man with whom she can be all versions of herself; good, bad and ugly!!! No pretences. A man who is beautiful inside out. A Shiva like man. A man who will give up his everything to just be with her.A man who will fill this void; this emptiness within her. He will make her whole and complete!!!!

Anahata is a total dreamer………………………and apparently a little naΓ―ve and also watches too many holly and bolly love stories.Lol!!! Will she be able to find a Shiva like man or will she suffer a heart break like no other…………………………………………………………………………………………..