March 6, 2010

I am a Personal Shopper

I would Like to introduce myself as Neha Kapil Pathak.I Organise personalised shopping tours in Mumbai and New Delhi for Indians as well as foreign nationals, who are new to the country and have absolutely no knowledge of the Indian Market.With my expert knowledge I personally provide guided shopping trips as per the requirement of the client.My services are exclusively designed for Women.
I have 5 years of experience in the retail industry. I have worked with some of the most prestigious and international fashion brands like Moschino, Ravissant, Ed-hardy, H20 Plus and Reebok . I am a Post Graduate in Tourism and Hospitality Management.
Foreign nationals are extremely vulnerable in a new country.They can be easily taken advantage of.But if they are accompanied by a person who is aware of the local language and culture the chances of being cheated become minimal.Thats where I come in as i will help you in your shopping by taking you to the right place and help you buy the product at the right price.I I will make sure that what you buy will not disappoint you. Whether it’s shopping at the Delhi’s first luxury mall “Emporio” which houses the most exclusive international as well as Indian designer brands or at the shopping arcade of Oberoi, a visit to the beauty salon “Dessange” where likes of Priyanka Gandhi grace their presence, or a trip to the exclusive Spa “Amatra” I have complete knowledge of all the exclusive and designer places where the ladies can shop while the gentleman are busy at work.
These trips are well planned out, an itinerary is prepared well in advance , prior appointments are taken, cabs are arranged. I will make sure that you or your guest will have an experience that is enjoyable,memorable and safe. Whenever you plan a trip to India do consider my services.

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