August 4, 2015


Phew...............never in a million years imagined that trying to join back the corporate world after a break of  six years can be such an uphill and daunting task! Clearly for the past six years I have been living in fantasy world of  my own believing that I can jump back into my corporate uniform whenever I feel like it. But clearly that's not the case. My bubble has burst and my confidence is at all time low.

A litlle disappointed that these companies are so close minded but I guess that they have their own parameters.I don't blame them but truly wish that they a have liberated mindset,are open and receptive to women employees wanting to join back the corporate world. Clearly you are at a huge disadvatage and you have to literally start from the scratch. All the experience that you have gained over the years is of no value anymore. All they see is the sabbatical that you have taken. All the questions are around this career break ,which is ofcourse to be expected. So its really quite sad and hugely disappointing that the companies still carry such an orthodox attitude even in the 21st century. In my opinion it's a very myopic mindset. But again who is bothered about my opinion. All this talk about women empowerment now seems like a farce and only a lip service. What could be more empowering than providing a platform to women who are Interested in joining back the work force! 

Anyways I have been sleeping for six years and have now finally woken up to the harsh reality of the corporate universe. Good luck to me and all the lovely ladies who plan on joining back. We most definitely need it! Its a tough road ahead. 

August 3, 2015


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February 11, 2015


With the rise of  patriarchy,this ancient wisdom has been lost,suppressed and hidden from women. The power of menstruation;the power of menstrual blood has been forgotten by  women.This ancient wisdom was violently suppressed in the dark ages by burning women at stake by declaring them witches. Millions of women  were burnt at the altars because they possessed this wisdom.The patriarchal society was in fear of these powerful women because within their moon blood resided the magic of creation.They resented the fact that  a woman could bleed without dying and every month produce blood and offer it to the Great Goddess/ The Creatrix;without harming themselves or taking life of another where as men had to cut themselves or take life of another for offering their blood as sacrifice to the Great Goddess. This was the darkest period in the history of humankind and with this began the suppression of women.These fearful men aimed to bring women down by teaching that menstruation was a curse.These women had to suffer unspeakable and unthinkable atrocities at the hands of these men.They were persecuted,brutally raped,striped naked,burnt alive,publicly flogged.

Today women are made to feel inferior because they menstruate. A menstruating women is considered to be unclean,dirty,sinful,disgusting,in distress,mentally disturbed,evil and ugly.What was once powerful is now seen as a source of shame.Conciously or subconciously we women believe that our power cycle/menstrual cycle is a punishment for being born a woman.We now see menstruation as an uncomfortable biological necessity.We are grossed out by our moon blood. We are disgusted by the smell of our moon blood.We are ashamed of our blood and think of it as an embarrassment.We never speak about our menstrual cycle;it is an open secret that no one wants to talk about. It is spoken about in hushed tones and the mere idea of celebrating our power cycle is blasphemous to many .We women are conditioned to believe that our power cycle is a curse. We have disowned our menstrual cycle.We refuse to accept that menstrual cycle is the source of our greatest power.We hate ourselves because we bleed .If we had a choice in the matter; we would take it upon ourselves to suppress our menstrual cycle forever;get rid of the problem for once and for all. The patriarchal society wants men and women to view menstrual cycle as a problem rather than a blessing so that women are seen as inferior and weak.Not as stable,not as efficient,not as productive.

In some cultures it is believed that a woman that over bleeds is devil incarnate.

In some cultures when a girl has her first period she is slapped by her family.

In traditional roman society a menstruating woman is considered polluted and must not have any contact with others.

Certain cutures believe that a menstruating women's shadow causes flowers to wither.

In some cultures it is believed that the touch of a menstrous woman turns wine into vinegar.

In India women are not allowed to even approach temples.

There are certain culture that train their girls to believe that menstruation will make them sick.

Women are not allowed to touch holy books and pray while menstruating.Whereas the truth is that a woman is most powerful when she menstruates,She is in direct connection with the Great Goddess. Prayers during this time of the holy month can manifest magical and miraculous  results.Have you not ever wondered why women are stopped from praying during this time of the month?Why do we accept every damn thing that we have been told by the society to be eternal truth. Why don't we  ever question about the authenticity of what we have been told to believe. Has this question never crossed our minds that why women are so violently suppressed all over the world .What is it that the patriarchal society  fears if women truly become empowered? 

For years I have thought of  my menstrual cycle as a source of  shame.I used to hate my power cycle.I was embarrassed that I menstruated.I used to abuse my menstrual cycle. I felt disgusted by the sight of my blood. I thought this made me inferior to men.I hated being a woman.I used to always wonder why would the God/Goddess do such a thing to me.Why did the Creator/Creatrix infest women with this disease.And the women that I interacted with had nothing good to say about this bane of my life. The only good thing is that this blood is neccessary in order to bring a life into this world. Otherwise its useless.Its to be tolerated and suffered in silence.I was really anxious and embarrassed incase my father and my little brother would know that I menstruate. We were never told and taught anything about our menstrual cycle in school.Now just Imagine a little girl  who is mere 13 years of age and going through such a huge change in her life.She has no idea whats happening to her.Just imagine how scary it is for this little girl who has no inkling that why blood is coming out of her system. Something is so wrong with her;may be she is about to die.Imagine the frustration that she is trying to hide the fact from everyone that she menstruates.

Is that how we want to bring up our little girls by making them feel inferior about themselves.Do we want our little girls to think that they are a lesser human being because they menstruate.Why can't we openly discuss about the subject of menstruation.Why are we trying to sweep the whole matter under the carpet. Why can't the fathers and the brothers talk about it openly with their daughters and sisters. Men know nothing about Menstruation and believe  whatever has been passed down to them by the patriarchal society.They are unsympathetic and  disrespect women because a woman menstruates. Is that what the fathers of today want for their beautiful little girls that they should feel inferior and scared. Should'nt we empower our daughters by talking about the power of menstruation and make them feel fabulous about themselves. Do they not deserve to know the truth .Should'nt we celebrate when our daughters begin their power cycle instead of making them feel bad about themselves and passing ridiculous and primitive beliefs that a menstruous woman is crazy,dirty and unclean.Should we not teach  our little girls about the glory of menstruation? Infact I believe that men should also be taught about menstruation so that they can understand that its beautiful and glorious and not a curse.

This hatred for our menstrual cycle is the root cause for women suffering from gynaecological problems.Conciously or subconciously we hate ourselves.Women are disowning their feminity because we think of it  as a weakness. We think it makes us inferior to men and so we are disconnecting from our feminine essence.We want to be like men. The more a woman becomes and thinks like a man the more diempowered she becomes.Men and women are equal but they are so different from each other. A man is mind centric whereas a woman thinks from her heart.The more a woman connects with her feminine essence the more powerful,liberated and empowered she becomes.The more she rises(not falls) in love with herself ;with her body; with her feminine essence;her menstrual cycle the more dynamic and magnetic she becomes.When a woman accepts herself and takes out time to nurture herself and is able to rise in love with herself;magic and miracles are bound to happen.We are living breathing goddesses and we just have to re-member and wake up to the power of feminine within all of us.


The Indigenous people or the ancient ones believed that the menstrual blood embodied the creative energy of the Great Goddess. They believed that this cosmos was created by the bleeding Goddess. And like the bleeding Goddess;women being the divine manifestation of the Great Goddess were able to create and manifest by the power of their moon blood. The blood mysteries teaches us that in nature the power of creation ;the magic of creation;the power to bring forth a life lay with the feminine.It teaches us that life comes from a woman and returns to a woman.Menstrual blood was considered very powerful,magical,holy and sacred.Moon blood is the same blood that nourishes a baby for nine months and then gets transformed into breast milk. It is believed that the moon blood is rich in nutrients;so full of potential;so full of nourishment. The menstrual blood is the blood of health/blood of wholeness.The menstrual blood is so powerful that it has the power to heal Mother Earth.Women have the power to offer their menstrual blood to the Great Goddess/the Great She without harming herself or taking another's life whereas men had to inflict injuries on themselves or others to offer sacrificial blood to appease the Gods and Goddesses.

In the primitive societies menstruating women were made to walk through paddy fields because they were shedding the blood of life from their bodies and that was believed to make  crops grow! This theory has been proved to be correct;scientists have claimed that the cells coming out of the moon blood are highly regenerative and have used stem cells from menstrual blood to save limbs.

A top research scientist working with menstrual blood stem cells in his research indicated that they had the capacity to work miracles. He describes how the first time he used menstrual blood stem cells he felt like he had been reborn; an unfit man in his late fifties; he had to run around the block because he had so much energy.

Another research scientist in his sixties working with stem cells had experienced his hair change from grey to the black  of his youth in matter of months. Menstrual blood has the power to heal eighty diseases. Through out the world these experiments are happening in secret-in India,China,Russia and more.

"Kamakhya Devi" temple located in assam is one of the 108 shaktipeeths where the Yoni and the  womb of Sati fell. Kamakhya Devi is famous as the bleeding Goddess.It is believed that in the month of june the Goddess bleeds for three days. At this time Brahmaputra river turns red.The temple remains closed for three days and the holy water is distributed as it is considered to be very healing and powerful.

Ancient Greek and Roman authors believed that the menstrual blood could cure diseases,drive away stormy weather and vermin.Menstrual blood was kept for magical purposes;blood soaked rags were traded for their power.

In India women wear red bindi and red sindoor because it is their belief that their husbands will be blessed with long life.This red sindoor and red bindi is symbolic of menstrual blood.

Soma was produced by "churning of the primal sea"-representing the blood of  Mother Goddess.It was drunk by priests during sacrificial ceremonies and mixed with milk as a  healing charm.

In 1900's the women working in the mills did not wear pads;they just let their blood drip on to the straws;hoping that the smell and sight of the moon blood would attract potential husbands.

Female blood color alone was considered a potent charm.The Maori tribe rendered anything sacred by coloring it red.Andaman Islanders thought blood red paint a powerful medicine and painted sick people red all over in an effort to cure them.

To be continued in the POWER OF MENSTRUATION-PART 3

February 10, 2015


First and foremost I would like to thank each and everyone one of you for being a part of this beautiful journey that we are embarking on and for giving me an opportunity to share with you this ancient wisdom that has come across me in the form of some very powerful,beautiful and empowering books I have read.

I have to confess that I am no expert in the field of menstruation but it is my honest Intention to share with you this ancient wisdom ; this hidden secret that I feel is  so powerful,empowering,magical,miraculous,beautiful,shocking and unbelievable at the same timethat it has completely altered  my perception on how I view my menstrual cycle;my menstrual blood and what it symbolises to me now.

Like the lost city of atlantis;this ancient wisdom has been lost, suppressed and hidden from women throughout the ages since the rise of Patriacrhy.But now this ancient wisdom is resurfacing again and it is time for women all over the world to reclaim the lost and forgotten power,magic,miracle and beauty of their menstrual cycle;their menstrual blood.

I am very excited to share with you that I now look at my moon time,/menstrual cycle as the most powerful,healing and creative time of the month! I am in complete awe of my moon blood/menstrual blood because I now know that it is the most powerful substance on planet earth. Today I wish to honour my menstrual cycle;my menstrual blood and my mother's moon blood that nourished me for whole nine months and to honour the Great Goddess; the Great She because it is her divine energy that is embodied in the menstrual blood and that is what makes it so powerful; so magical,beautiful and miraculous!

The Menstrual Cycle of a woman is the source of her greatest power.The menstrual cycle is a cycle of creativity because its sole purpose is to create and manifest.Every month a woman goes through the cycle of death and rebirth.As the snake sheds her skin so does a woman shed her uterus lining during menstruation and rejuvenates herself which is not possible for men.A woman has the power to bleed;to be reborn without actually dying!! She is able to bleed without harming herself. A woman bleeds in sync with phases of the moon. During ancient times all women ovulated on the full moon amd menstruated on dark of the moon or new moon.A woman is most powerful when she is menstruating. A woman becomes very very powerful spiritually during her moon time because she embodies the creative energy of the Great Goddess within her.The moon time is the time to honour the Divine Feminine. It is the time to honour yourself!

During this time a woman's body changes;she feels differently;her body slows down;she becomes more sensitive and more aware.The moon time is an invitation to women to go within themselves rest, sleep,dream,meditate,pray and listen to their  body's message to slow down,contemplate in silence,nurture herself;disconnect from the outside world and to take time off from her every day routine.The fact that a woman needs to rest during their menstrual cycle implies no weakness; infact it speaks of wisdom.The natural tendency to withdraw during this time of the month allows  a woman to become quiet in tune and open to listen and feel. When a woman is menstruating she is very powerful and she should isolate herself not because she is unclean or dirty but because her energy is so expansive that it should not be wasted on everyday matters. All her energy should go towards meditating on the purpose of her life and gathering of her spiritual energy.

During ancient times women understood the blood mysteries and left their family for three days to a moon lodge with other menstruating women and bled freely in to earth.It is believed that during a menstrual cycle  a woman's dreaming becomes power. A cracks opens up before a woman two days before her period begins.During her period a woman can step through this crack into other worlds. A woman is able to enter altered state of conciousness without even trying.What mattered during this time was the inside world. Messages,signals,voices would come to these women.They would spend time contemplating and unravelling the message and then use it for their personal benefit or for the benefit of their communities.Menstruation would sometimes lead to great insights for the rest of the community.Answers were found and decisions were made based on women's insight during menstruation.  It is believed that many of the amazing prophecies made by the native people about modern times were made  by menstruating  women.Women were honoured and respected !

To be continued in the POWER OF MENSTRUATION-PART 2.

February 6, 2015


So these days I am on a mission to decrease the load of toxins that my body has to process every single second of every day! I am looking for ways and means to detoxify my body.I  have to confess that I have never been kind to my body. Infact I have been extremely mean towards my body.I have always judged,criticised and abused my system.I have never been aware of the fact that my body is such an Intelligent system and working so hard to keep me alive inspite of my  callous attitude towards it.

It has always been my priority to look good from the outside but not bothering about whats happening inside the body. Like a moron I have colored my hair many a times without realizing and seriously not bothered about what the  dire consequences will be when I put such toxins into my body.I have straigtened my hair many times without giving a thought that I am overloading my system with harmful chemicals and toxins.My only desire was to look good from the outside and give a damn to whats happening inside. In the false pursuit of beauty I thought that by applying this beauty cream and this shampoo and that lipstick and by looking a certain way I can feel better about myself. Following this trend and that trend will make me feel good about myself. By following this and that actress I can be like them but not realizing that they have a whole team of people who make these ordinary girls look like a diva with tons of makeup,false hair,false eyelashes and false body parts. I never realised that it is just an image that these magicians are projecting on to us.But in the pursuit to look good I have given such grief to my beautiful body system that does nothing but love me.My body is my best  friend who I have never bothered to thank and appreciate for all the work that it does for me.

 For the longest time I have fed my bodily system with such crap and junk food that has no nutritional value at all but tastes really good! I have gulped  bottles and bottles of soft drink which I now know is nothing but pure hidden sugar!!! I have finally realized that my body is my home and I have to live in this beautiful abode so I have to be really good to my body.

From this day onward I promise myself to keep away from chemical laden creams,shampoos,conditioners, flouride tooth paste,junk food, soft drinks,added sugars as much as possible and turn to holistic way of life.