September 30, 2012


I am a huge Shahrukh Khan fan and when I was in school I  wanted to marry him but unfortunately he was already married and that really broke my heart! But what is it about Shahrukh,that women all over the world are totally in love with him.Not his looks for sure,Shahrukh is not conventionally good looking,he is the boy next door,actually he is quite ordinary to look at.But there is something very attractive about him, I find Shahrukh very charismatic,he has a dynamic personality,he is an excellent orator, he is a business man par excellence,he is strong willed,he believes in himself ,and what really  commands my respect is that he  is a complete family man,his devotion for his wife and children is truly beautiful and that's what sets him apart from all the bollywood actors and of course he is god's favourite child,truly blessed!

September 27, 2012


Every girl should have these seven must have colours in her wardrobe whether they are hot or not this season! What's hot this season is to feel really good about yourself. It is most fashionable to feel confident,energetic,full of vitality,positive,abundant,prosperous,enthusiastic and totally motivated.But in case you are not feeling happy with yourself ,negativity has encompassed your whole being, your mind is stressed out and your energy levels have dipped to a zero,then ladies its time to heal your self with these beautiful colours.

September 14, 2012


Hey,everyone I am Anya Sarre.I am a Hollywood celebrity stylist. A few days ago I ran across Neha's blog and  I loved the advice and knowledge that she shares with her readers.I offered  to be a guest blogger as I felt that I can provide her readers with some great advice about fashion to show them that they are beautiful,confident and strong.In this post I will talk about Belted maxis and accessories for your fall wardrobe.Hope you enjoy this post.

September 13, 2012


So,I am in a mood to express gratitude to Google for creating  Blogger. If not for blogger,I would never have got an opportunity to connect with someone as wonderful and beautiful as the lovely "Anya Sarre".And Imagine the very ordinary me connecting with the "Hollywood Celebrity Stylist"(Yes,yesI confess that I am Hollywood and Bollywood struck,  so please don't hold that against me.). I received a mail form this very talented lady,that she loves my blog and would like to do a guest post for my readers!! I read the mail infinite  times before I could actually believe the written word,I have to say I was a little dazed and amazed. I also went a little philosophical and wondered as to how this had been brought about,most people would say technology,sure,but I say divine intervention( I know  I know  too much philosophy.......but thats my belief, makes me feel good and feeling good is what is important,right)

Anya Sarre

September 8, 2012


I am writing this post to express my thanks to all these beautiful and very talented ladies for shopping from my blogshop.I am truly grateful.Every piece that has been bought by these gorgeous ladies is very special to me as a lot of love and thought has flown into buying them.Each and every piece has been personally hand picked by me, and my intention has always been to buy  jewellery pieces that are ever so  beautiful,so whoever wears them feels truly beautiful and  special.It is my most desired purpose to make people feel beautiful through my jewellery.So, Sunita, Parul, Sangeeta and  Bharti, thank you for  giving me an opportunity to make you feel beautiful!! I radiate a lot of love to all you very special ladies.

P.S. A Special heartfelt thanks to all the men in the life of these beautiful ladies,for sponsoring and for being so generous.Truly appreciate your lovely gesture.