May 22, 2012

Lingerie Shopping!

Lingerie is an integral part of every woman’s life. But did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra sizes. Shocking right! Women often complain that their bra is causing them a lot of discomfort that in itself is a clear indication that you are most definitely wearing a wrong bra size.  An incorrect Bra size can wreak havoc in your life; it can not only shatter your confidence, make you extremely uncomfortable, but most importantly can cause sagging, headaches, backaches, can damage your nerve. So it is important that we learn the correct way to buy lingerie.
Step1 Get yourself measured by a professional bra fitter every six months. The Bra size changes over time. Most women feel shy and do not want to get measured and that is step 1 to buying the incorrect size.

May 21, 2012

Thank You, Sunday Times!

Wow, what an overwhelming response from the readers of Sunday times! Yesterday's  sunday times carried an article about shopping from a fashion blogger's closet and my blog was featured. My Inbox is filled with congratulatory e-mails!What an awesome feeling.
 I would like to take this opportunity to  thank all the readers of Sunday times for their good wishes and showing so much interest in my blog shop.You people are the best.Thank you Anuradha,for writing this article.
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May 10, 2012


Okay, so you have hired me for a Personal Shopping Service, what next.
Step 1  Send me a full length photograph of yourself via E-mail.
Step 2  Send me a short description about yourself, your personality, your personal style, what is your expectation from this whole excercise.
Step 3 I now need to meet you in person for a one on one consultation. So I will set up an appointment with you for the same. During this consultation I will help you fill out a questionnaire which will have all the details which will help me in a better understanding of your personality. It will have details like your date of birth, marital status, height, weight, sizes you wear, budget, what colors you like and dislike, what brands you prefer, what is your fashion sense, your personal style, what is your expectation from this whole excercise, what are you comfortable wearing, are you open to experimenting, you want to update your wardrobe with formal or casual clothes,celebrity with whose style you identify the most and so on,we will also discuss about the travel arrangement ie whether you want me to arrange a car for you or you would do that on your own.

May 5, 2012


This directory is  in random order.The names compiled here are a result of Internet search undertaken by me.The idea behind this e-directory is to help the prospective client,looking for a Personal Shopper not just in India but also other parts of the globe.At the moment I have listed names of personal shoppers from eleven  different countries but it is my intention to include as many countries as possible.  If you are a personal shopper and you would like to be listed in this e-directory,please mail me at


Neha Kapil Pathak
Personal Shopper from New Delhi & Mumbai

Sheena Agarwal
Personal Shopper from New Delhi
Puneet Dua
Personal Shopper from New Delhi

Sudha Singh
Personal Shopper from New Delhi
Chetna Mehrotra
Personal Shopper from Mumbai

Kanika Kapur
Personal Shopper from Mumbai
Personal Shopper from Mumbai
Parul Shukla
Personal Shopper from Mumbai