December 14, 2012


I have never really understood why do humans love the metal gold so much. What is so special about this particular metal that has captured the imagination of all? Why is it such an expensive metal and why are the prices ever increasing. And in spite of the increasing prices, why are we still buying this so called precious metal. What makes Gold so precious and how is it different from other metals?

October 18, 2012


Just the other day I was reading this really interesting book that talked about why we connect with certain people instantly and others we dislike at first glance, for no rhyme or reason. You meet this complete stranger for the very first time and you feel as if you have known this person forever, you instantly connect with them, there is so much to talk about, its like you are picking up from somewhere you left. But what’s strange is that you are meeting them for the very first time, so what’s the logic behind this instant bonding? And then there are times when you come across a total stranger and at first sight you completely hate this person and there is no logic to this as well. Why would a total stranger inspire such revulsion in you. I have personally experienced both sides of the coin and most of us do, but never understand why do we connect with certain people and with others we don’t.

October 12, 2012


I am sick and tired of being on the Facebook all the time,its become like an addiction.Sometimes I feel that I am too connected to what's happening in everybody else's life.I feel like a peeping tom,going through other people's photo's,comments,liking their status,sometimes I feel it is such a waste of time.

October 10, 2012


I am very upset with myself. I kind of lost my temper and I don’t feel good about it,now that I think of it.I read so many books on how to be a positive person and how to stay in control but today I kind of forgot all of that and  just for a few seconds,I completely lost it.I just forgot what I was saying and why the hell was I saying these things.

September 30, 2012


I am a huge Shahrukh Khan fan and when I was in school I  wanted to marry him but unfortunately he was already married and that really broke my heart! But what is it about Shahrukh,that women all over the world are totally in love with him.Not his looks for sure,Shahrukh is not conventionally good looking,he is the boy next door,actually he is quite ordinary to look at.But there is something very attractive about him, I find Shahrukh very charismatic,he has a dynamic personality,he is an excellent orator, he is a business man par excellence,he is strong willed,he believes in himself ,and what really  commands my respect is that he  is a complete family man,his devotion for his wife and children is truly beautiful and that's what sets him apart from all the bollywood actors and of course he is god's favourite child,truly blessed!

September 27, 2012


Every girl should have these seven must have colours in her wardrobe whether they are hot or not this season! What's hot this season is to feel really good about yourself. It is most fashionable to feel confident,energetic,full of vitality,positive,abundant,prosperous,enthusiastic and totally motivated.But in case you are not feeling happy with yourself ,negativity has encompassed your whole being, your mind is stressed out and your energy levels have dipped to a zero,then ladies its time to heal your self with these beautiful colours.

September 14, 2012


Hey,everyone I am Anya Sarre.I am a Hollywood celebrity stylist. A few days ago I ran across Neha's blog and  I loved the advice and knowledge that she shares with her readers.I offered  to be a guest blogger as I felt that I can provide her readers with some great advice about fashion to show them that they are beautiful,confident and strong.In this post I will talk about Belted maxis and accessories for your fall wardrobe.Hope you enjoy this post.

September 13, 2012


So,I am in a mood to express gratitude to Google for creating  Blogger. If not for blogger,I would never have got an opportunity to connect with someone as wonderful and beautiful as the lovely "Anya Sarre".And Imagine the very ordinary me connecting with the "Hollywood Celebrity Stylist"(Yes,yesI confess that I am Hollywood and Bollywood struck,  so please don't hold that against me.). I received a mail form this very talented lady,that she loves my blog and would like to do a guest post for my readers!! I read the mail infinite  times before I could actually believe the written word,I have to say I was a little dazed and amazed. I also went a little philosophical and wondered as to how this had been brought about,most people would say technology,sure,but I say divine intervention( I know  I know  too much philosophy.......but thats my belief, makes me feel good and feeling good is what is important,right)

Anya Sarre

September 8, 2012


I am writing this post to express my thanks to all these beautiful and very talented ladies for shopping from my blogshop.I am truly grateful.Every piece that has been bought by these gorgeous ladies is very special to me as a lot of love and thought has flown into buying them.Each and every piece has been personally hand picked by me, and my intention has always been to buy  jewellery pieces that are ever so  beautiful,so whoever wears them feels truly beautiful and  special.It is my most desired purpose to make people feel beautiful through my jewellery.So, Sunita, Parul, Sangeeta and  Bharti, thank you for  giving me an opportunity to make you feel beautiful!! I radiate a lot of love to all you very special ladies.

P.S. A Special heartfelt thanks to all the men in the life of these beautiful ladies,for sponsoring and for being so generous.Truly appreciate your lovely gesture.

August 24, 2012


I am a jewellery enthusiast.Like any other ordinary girl, my eyes shine bright and my heart beats frantically when I see so much beauty in these shining and sparkling rocks.Each and every piece is a labour of love.A lot of imagination has flown into creating these exquisite pieces.Every piece has an energy and vibration of its own.These shining sparkling rocks are a gift of the nature and man with his creativity and powerful imagination transforms these rocks into something truly breadth taking.

July 30, 2012


I am a voracious reader.Books are my first love.They truly enrich your life in every possible way.And last  week I went shopping for books at Landmark,Infinity Mall,Andheri(West).Landmark is offering amazing discounts on most of their collection.So,if you are an avid reader like me,then here is an opportunity for you to buy books at awesome prices.So,here are some of the books that I bought for myself.I am really excited  and thrilled and just can't wait to start reading them.Awesome!!
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July 23, 2012

The Kundan Jewellery Experiment!

Girl's, are you bored to death of wearing your Kundan Jewellery only with Indian wear .Like the gorgeous Deepika Padukone, you can also experiment and wear  this exquisite piece of jewellery  with western wear.Deepika,looks absolutely fabulous! She totally rocks it!!
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July 16, 2012

Featuring, Mrs Aman Grewal-My First Blog Shop Client!!!

Well, for quite some time now I have been wanting to dedicate a post to my very first blog shop client. Ladies and Gentlemen, I ll like to Introduce  you to the very Stylish and Fashionable,Mrs Aman Grewal. Well, you know in the army circle she needs no Introduction, she is known for her Style, Impeccable fashion sense,Grace,Poise,her out of the box ideas. Married to a very talented and Intelligent Army officer, mother to two beautiful kids,she is a force to reckon with. Together they make a deadly combination!

July 4, 2012


Hey, everyone I have added some new pieces to my blog shop.Check them out! To buy please mail me at Payment through bank transfer. Please visit my online boutique 

June 29, 2012


Requesting the people of Pakistan to support me to help free Sarabjit, who has been in prison since 30 yrs. Please. Allah ka vasta (for god's sake)."Request the awam (people) of Pakistan, members of the press, Govt of Pakistan, President (Asif Ali Zardari) Zardari, a humble request. It would be the most amazing gesture to send Sarabjit back to his family after 30 years. Hope you support me like it's your own cause,"  tweeted Salman Khan. 

June 22, 2012


Okay,so wherever I go these days I hear about the Miraculous "Moroccan hair oil'.This hair oil has taken the people in India by storm. From Chitrangada Singh to just about every one is harping about how magical this hair oil is.Fashion magazines are talking about it,blogger's are blogging about it,It has become the most talked about product.So of course I wanted to check out whats the hoopla  all about.So I was in Ambience Mall,Vasant Kunj and happened to look in the direction of the "Kiehl's " store and I suddenly remembered about the moroccan oil and walked towards the store.I asked the sales executive about the said product and she very excitedly showed me a bottle of "Argan Dry Oil".I was like hello! sweetie I am looking for moroccan oil not argan oil.She then informed me that it was one at the same thing.

June 4, 2012

Latest Additions to my blog shop!

Check out the video for latest addition to my blog shop, personally hand-picked by me.Have not  uploaded them on my blog shop as yet.You will soon find these beauties available on my online boutique,mail me at  for buying.
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May 22, 2012

Lingerie Shopping!

Lingerie is an integral part of every woman’s life. But did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra sizes. Shocking right! Women often complain that their bra is causing them a lot of discomfort that in itself is a clear indication that you are most definitely wearing a wrong bra size.  An incorrect Bra size can wreak havoc in your life; it can not only shatter your confidence, make you extremely uncomfortable, but most importantly can cause sagging, headaches, backaches, can damage your nerve. So it is important that we learn the correct way to buy lingerie.
Step1 Get yourself measured by a professional bra fitter every six months. The Bra size changes over time. Most women feel shy and do not want to get measured and that is step 1 to buying the incorrect size.

May 21, 2012

Thank You, Sunday Times!

Wow, what an overwhelming response from the readers of Sunday times! Yesterday's  sunday times carried an article about shopping from a fashion blogger's closet and my blog was featured. My Inbox is filled with congratulatory e-mails!What an awesome feeling.
 I would like to take this opportunity to  thank all the readers of Sunday times for their good wishes and showing so much interest in my blog shop.You people are the best.Thank you Anuradha,for writing this article.
 P.S. Checkout my on-line boutique

May 10, 2012


Okay, so you have hired me for a Personal Shopping Service, what next.
Step 1  Send me a full length photograph of yourself via E-mail.
Step 2  Send me a short description about yourself, your personality, your personal style, what is your expectation from this whole excercise.
Step 3 I now need to meet you in person for a one on one consultation. So I will set up an appointment with you for the same. During this consultation I will help you fill out a questionnaire which will have all the details which will help me in a better understanding of your personality. It will have details like your date of birth, marital status, height, weight, sizes you wear, budget, what colors you like and dislike, what brands you prefer, what is your fashion sense, your personal style, what is your expectation from this whole excercise, what are you comfortable wearing, are you open to experimenting, you want to update your wardrobe with formal or casual clothes,celebrity with whose style you identify the most and so on,we will also discuss about the travel arrangement ie whether you want me to arrange a car for you or you would do that on your own.

May 5, 2012


This directory is  in random order.The names compiled here are a result of Internet search undertaken by me.The idea behind this e-directory is to help the prospective client,looking for a Personal Shopper not just in India but also other parts of the globe.At the moment I have listed names of personal shoppers from eleven  different countries but it is my intention to include as many countries as possible.  If you are a personal shopper and you would like to be listed in this e-directory,please mail me at


Neha Kapil Pathak
Personal Shopper from New Delhi & Mumbai

Sheena Agarwal
Personal Shopper from New Delhi
Puneet Dua
Personal Shopper from New Delhi

Sudha Singh
Personal Shopper from New Delhi
Chetna Mehrotra
Personal Shopper from Mumbai

Kanika Kapur
Personal Shopper from Mumbai
Personal Shopper from Mumbai
Parul Shukla
Personal Shopper from Mumbai

April 26, 2012

Personal Shopper to a Personal Shopper!

Hey, everyone I am extremely excited to introduce you all to a friend of mine from the country I truly adore, Italy. Stefano Gasparoli is a Personal Shopper from this beautiful country .He organizes customized shopping trips to Milan and Piedmont. It is always a pleasure to interact with fellow personal shoppers from around the globe as it is such a great opportunity to learn about the people and the culture of their land. So I requested Stefano for a tete-e-tete and he very kindly agreed.
Stefano Gasparoli

April 10, 2012

Diary of a Personal Shopper-My New Haircut!

Okay, so i got a new haircut yesterday.Well not so new,because as a rule I always go for layering,I am not very  comfortable experimenting with my hair. Although I love colouring but when its comes to a haircut I really become very nervous.I start shifting in my chair.My heartbeat becomes erratic.I almost don't want to take a haircut.So as I waited with a bated breadth for the stylist I reminisice
   about those days when i used to work with Hyatt Regency,New Delhi.
Not very fond memories. Interacted with some of the meanest and the most manipulative people in the business.But I learnt a lot from this experience and decided to quit hotel Industry forever!! Back in those days I was very naive and used to take people on their face values.But this experience really toughened me up and I am thankful for that

April 8, 2012

Diary of a Personal Shopper-How the Manager of Louis Vuitton Misbehaved with me!

This happened while i was working as a Store Manager for a brand in Emporio Mall,Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.We all know that Louis Vuitton is an iconic luxury Brand.But what we don’t know is how rude and arrogant their staff is.They are extremely haughty and full of attitude.I had the misfortune of learning about it first hand.Their manager “Tanya Sabharwal” visited my store and introduced herself to me.
I welcomed her and introduced myself as the manager. I tried to have a friendly conversation since we were both managers.But she gave me a formidable look and informed me that she was interested in buying a few products from us. Since what she wanted to buy was not available in my store at that point in time, i told her that i will get them for her from our other store.She agreed and we settled on a time by when the products would be made available to her.

April 7, 2012

Launch Of Neha Kapil Pathak Boutique!!!

I am extremely excited and thrilled to announce the launch of Neha Kapil Pathak Boutique.Shopping is not only my profession but also my passion.It gives immense me happiness to help people with their shopping.Hence the conception of this chic store.This boutique will showcase pieces that are  fashionable,stylish and in vogue with the latest trends.You can buy beautiful and interesting pieces for yourself or your loved ones This boutique is an extension of my personality.Each and every piece has been personally hand picked by me on my various shopping trips to different cities.Every piece will be exclusive,there will be no repeats.The sold product will not be displayed again.This boutique will display select few pieces only.This shopping salon is one stop shop for all things fashionable.I officially declare this boutique open.See you there! Here is a link to the store do visit and  let me know your thoughts.

April 5, 2012

Diary of a Personal Shopper-Beautiful Lehenga for Sale!!!

This beautiful lehenga (Indian wedding dress) was worn by my very sweet and lovely sister in law on her wedding day 7 years ago.Since then a lot has happened, she is happily married to the love of her life,an army officer by profession and is now a proud mommy to a two year old beautiful baby girl Bani. This is a very special love story because my Sis In law and Brother In law  follow different religions,

March 27, 2012

Diary of a Personal Shopper-The Goan Holiday!!!!

Everytime I holiday in Goa I fall a little more deeper in love with this beautiful city.Its like a different world altogether.Its is like no other city in India.I feel liberated,my soul feels true happiness(at the risk of sounding philosophical).You can be your true self.No one judges you here.The sense of belonging is very strong.The ocean seems to be singing a beautiful song and the waves

March 22, 2012

Refresh your wardrobe with Refashioner!!!

I am obsessed with clothes and more.I have been told by my family that i have a tendency to overdress for the simplest of  ocassions.Specially my brother, rolls his eyes out  in irritation and promises not to take me anywhere.  But in my defence I would like to say that i love dressing up as it makes me very happy! And happiness is all that matters right! I enjoy shopping but sometimes end up buying clothes that i have never worn and has been sitting in my closet forever!! Don't we all make wrong wardrobe choices at times and then regret it later.Regret is even more profound if those pieces are expensive,right.So the gist of the story is like the rest of the world i am also on twitter.So i came across this website by the name of Refashioner that follows me.I clicked open their website and what i read really upped my interest quotient.I like to call myself connoisseur of unusual businesss.I enjoy reading and writing about innovative business ventures.And this is definitely very interesting. All you fashionistas can now stop fretting as Refashioner gives you a perfect solution,guess what?girls, you can now swap your couture pieces!! Gucci shoes that are one size bigger, Fendi bag that you bought on sale but no longer like,Cavalli dress that never suited you in the first place.Is'nt it unbelievable!!!You now have the opportunity to correct your mistakes,how cool is that.All you have to do is post your pieces to your personal Refashioner closet and spend their value on other people's good stuff.But first of all your wardrobe has to be approved by their fashion police. Is'nt Refashioner doing a great service for all the fashion fanatics? I totally love the concept.All you shopoholics can now shop guilt free!! Awesome,Right.  Here is a link to their website.


P.S. I invite you to visit my newly launched online boutique 

March 19, 2012

Store at Seven Style Mile!!!

Just the other day i visited this awesome store "Evoluzione" located at Seven Style Mile ,Mehrauli, New Delhi.The best part about the location is the breath taking view of the legendary Qutab Minar.I have been wanting to visit the store for quite some time and see for myself how it finally turned out.The reason for my Inquisitiveness is that a year ago I got the opportunity to meet the chennai based couple Tina and Atul Malhotra behind this beautiful store regarding a work opportunity.And I have to tell you that I have never met such awesome people in the business world.I was flown to chennai to meet the lady in question, I loved her on first sight,she was extremely polite,humble and down to earth.She was bubbling with enthusiasm regarding their latest project and explained to me in great detail about their expectation from this high end store.The vibe of the whole store was very positive and happy.The staff at chennai store loves her totally and she treats them like a family member and is always concerned about their welfare.She really took care of me,made me feel at home and that made a lasting Impression on me that anyone who works with her is really really lucky.Not once did I feel alone and strange in an alien city.I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tina and Atul Malhotra for their hospitality and generosity.About the store,its beautiful,the location is exquisite and visual merchandising is very creative.I loved the whole feel of the store.Awesome collection!!! Here are some of the pictures of this gorgeous store and the credit of the photos goes to Evoluzione.
P.S. I invite you to visit my newly launched online boutique

Tina and Atul Malhotra

March 18, 2012

Interview with Hospitality Career Mag !!

This interview was requested by largest hospitality career e- mag. I was contacted by the editor Mr Prabhjot Bedi on as he thought that personal shopping is a very unique service and could be extremely beneficial for Hospitality Industry in India.Mr Bedi is an Hospitality Ideator, author,consultant,recruiter and trainer.I was delighted as i got a great platform to spread awareness about this amazing service which is extremely new in India.I would also  like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Bedi for providing me with this platform.Here is a link to the interview 

Neha Kapil Pathak | OWNER | STYLE DIVA - hospitality career e-mag

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Thank you my lovely readers!!!

Today I  am extremely happy because within 3 months my blog has gone from 300 to 8000 hits!!!.My blog has been visited by people from 100 different countries and that makes me a very happy person indeed.I have been in the blogging world for last two years but was never a serious blogger.I used to write on and off.But in december 2011 I decided to take up blogging seriously and made a concious effort to make my blog an  interesting read and I must say that I  saw great results in a short span of time.I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers for visiting my blog.Your comments mean the world to me.Thank you for all your love and support.Love all.
P.S. I invite you to visit my newly launched online boutique

March 17, 2012

For the love of shoes!!!

What would you do if you instantly fell in love with a pair of shoes that are one size bigger on you? well, if you are shoe crazy like me then you buy them and try to make them your size.I saw these beauties displayed at Charles and Keith,Ambience mall, Gurgaon and instantly i was a goner.But imagine my disappointment when i got to know that my size was not available.With a heavy heart i left the store and came back home.For next two days i was haunted by the memory of these amazing pumps.I saw them everywhere!!!.So i finally decided that i had to buy them come what may.So Inspite of the sales consultant gaping at me with astonishment, i bought them and this is how i made them my size.................I bought these neon green coloured insole(I know they are a bit ugly looking but i had no other option!!) and once i inserted them in my pumps they fitted me like a glove and you just cannot imagine my happiness!! I was thrilled to bits.My day was made.I know it sounds crazy but what can i say, all for the love of shoes!!
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Neon Insoles

February 19, 2012

Story on Personal Shopper's in India featuring me,myself!!!

Hey! everyone this interview was taken a few months back, but i was unable to share as the video was not available to me.Finally caught hold of  the video and have now uploaded it.Hope you like it! 
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February 18, 2012

Oops Moments!!!

This is what happens when I ask my 24 year old brother who is extremely impatient and just not interested to click a picture of me, myself. By the end of it I was totally exasperated and literally made me want to pull my hair out in frustration.The last picture is the only picture that came out okay.Not very happy with it but what can i say way better than ones above.
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February 16, 2012

My new laptop bag!!!

I have been looking for a new laptop bag for quite sometime now but was never interested in the conventional one as i find them very mannish.Bought this great looking croc style leather bag from dharavi.Its big,its spacious,its stylish and my laptop fits like a  glove.And the price is to die for.Awesome!!!
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February 12, 2012

Shopping at kala ghoda festival!!!

Hey everyone, just wanted to share a few new jewellery pieces that i bought for myself. I saw this beautiful neckpiece at Kala Ghoda festival and instantly fell in love with it, and their were only two pieces left of it,so without any further ado i bought it as fast as i could.Also i bought these really pretty white color peacock earrings.I am totally loving it.What do you guys think?
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February 11, 2012

Valentine gift for him!!!

If you  have all the money in the world but limited ideas, then this valentine gift your main man an experience to remember by.Here are my top three recommendations.
1. Around the world by private jet- Gift the man in your life a tour around the world by a private charter jet.Fly together in style to the most exotic locales and faraway places.Once you travel by a private jet you would never want to travel any other way again.This will be most definitely an experience that you will never forget.If luxury is what you seek in life then nothing can be more luxurious than this.Price on request

2.Fly a real fighter jet:-I am sure the man in your life  always  dreamt of being a fighter pilot when he was a boy. Now you have the perfect opportunity to make his dream come true.Gift him a ride of his lifetime.You can together fly a real jet fighter such as the supersonic MIG-29 fulcrum interceptor,the Aero L-39 albatros or the Hawker hunter fighter-bomber aircraft.You can enjoy this ride together with experienced pilots controlling the jet while in the air.Cost of a flight for a 45 minutes sortee begins from $ 2999.00

3.Ferrari tour:- On this day of love gift him a tailor made Ferrari tour to italy.Each Ferrari tour is bespoke, from one day in Maranello to a few days exploring Tuscany or northern italy with a supercar of your dreams.Ferrari ensures that you will see Italy in most luxurious and exciting way possible.They will tailor make every aspect of your trip from hotels,visits,guides and cars to unique local events and restaurants.Their portfolio currently includes 458 Italia, Ferrari California, Ferrari 430 spider,Ferrari scuderia,Ferrari 599 GTB and whole host of  other supercars should you wish to try something different.For price contact

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February 10, 2012

The mother of all valentine gifts!!!

If money is not an object in your life and you have millions,billions and trillions in your bank account,then this valentine  you now have the perfect opportunity to gift your lady love the most legendary,extravagant,elaborate and mother of all gifts. Coco Chanel summer home on French Riveria is now hit the market  for a whopping $50 Million.Famed architect Robert Streitz designed the residence for Mademoiselle Chanel and the Duke of Westminster. The pair kept the home as their French residence from 1929 to 1953.The home is located on the heights of La Toracca, with sea views over Menton on the east side, the sea to the south and some views to Monaco in the west.The house itself features seven bedrooms, most of which are suites.The listing admits the house needs some restoration and renovation, but with the history it has, that large price tag is understandable.
Besides Chanel, the house was a "social destination" of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, the Duke of Windsor, Noel Coward, Aristotle Onassis, Greta Garbo, Rose Kennedy, as well as Graham Sutherland, Prince Rainier and Princess Grace, Konrad Adenauer, Anthony Eden, and Paul Reynaud 
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February 9, 2012

The Valentine Couple!!!

Shahrukh Khan( The king of the Indian film industry) and his gorgeous wife Gauri make the most beautiful couple,married for 21 years, blessed with two lovely children,their love for each other is still going strong.To me they are the ideal couple and give me hope that love can truly last.I am going to start celebrating this month of love by using their lovely picture for background of my blog,as they truly inspire me and make me want to believe in the magic of true love!!!
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February 7, 2012

My New Shine Shampoo!!!

Hey,guys clicked some random pictures of myself,just wanted to check whether the new shampoo that i bought has delivered what it promised.It is a shine shampoo and i guess it has added a lot of gloss to my hair.I like it!!! What say??
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February 4, 2012

How to become a Personal Shopper!!!

This one is for my lovely reader Shreya, who recently mailed me as  she is interested to become a personal shopper and wants to know what does it take to become one.Well,shreya i chose this exciting profession because i am extremely passionate about shopping and fashion is my first love.I can travel far and wide,miles and miles just for shopping.I have been to all the so called "Shady" places whether its dharavi,chor bazaar,bhendi bazaar,mangaldas market,crawford market,chandni chowk,sadar bazaar and so on.I have been warned not venture into these areas because "supposedly" they are not safe but my love for shoppnig is so powerful and strong that i can not resist checking them out.I have to tell you though that i have really enjoyed my shopping escapades to these areas!!

Shreya,shopping is my passion and helping people shop is my mission.I truly enjoy taking people out on a personalised shopping trip,helping them buy the right product at the right price from the right place.And at the end of the session when i see their faces brimming with happiness,confidence and love for themselves, that is my high point, this is what makes me really really happy!!!

Shopping can be very tiresome and especially taking someone else out for shopping can be an extremely difficult task because everyone has their preconcieved notions, so you have to be extremely polite,calm and patient to make your client understand your point of view.I have had some very demanding clients who can really take you over the edge, will question your judgement at every step of the way,will go into a defensive mode if your try to break into their preconcieved notions.But then there are clients who are really open minded and want to discover themselves and accept new experiences willingly.

So if like me shopping is your passion and helping people shop is your calling in life and gives you extreme happiness then you have all the right ingredients to be a Personal Shopper!!!
P.S. I invite you to visit my newly launched online boutique

January 21, 2012

Fashion for modern muslim women-Look 2

This is a day look for modern muslima's looking for verstality in their wardrobe.Teem palazzo pants with a long full sleeve white tunic top.To make it more glam  add a military style jacket.I am using a blue and orange color silk scarf as a head wrap.I love this moscow inspired ring,it is a very interesting piece and instantly grabbed my attention.Complete the look by sporting long knee length  high heeled boots to add the oomph factor.Carry this very stylish  black flap bag.Hope i was able to show how you can be modestly dressed but still be extremely stylish!!!
P.S. I invite you to visit my newly launched online boutique

Palazzo Pants

Long full sleeved tunic top

Military style jacket
Blue and orange silk scarf

Black flap Bag

Moscow inspired ring

Knee length high heeled boots

January 16, 2012

Fashion for modern muslim women!!!

This is my first attempt at creating a look for muslim women who wear hijab.This long sleeved maxi dress is a  great option for muslima's who want to  dress modestly but desire to look beautiful as well.Teem it with an animal print blazer to make it more interesting. Wrap your head with this beautiful horizontal striped hijab and add a brooch to make it more stylish.Accessorise the dress with this very pretty long multi coloured neckpiece.Complete the look by sporting these very stylish gladiator  high heeled sandals and carry an over sized green clutch to add colour to the outfit.
P.S. I invite you to visit my newly launched online boutique

Bohemian style maxi dress

Animal print blazer

Horizontal striped hijab

Multicolored long neckpiece

Oversized green clutch
Gladiator High heeled sandals