October 18, 2012


Just the other day I was reading this really interesting book that talked about why we connect with certain people instantly and others we dislike at first glance, for no rhyme or reason. You meet this complete stranger for the very first time and you feel as if you have known this person forever, you instantly connect with them, there is so much to talk about, its like you are picking up from somewhere you left. But what’s strange is that you are meeting them for the very first time, so what’s the logic behind this instant bonding? And then there are times when you come across a total stranger and at first sight you completely hate this person and there is no logic to this as well. Why would a total stranger inspire such revulsion in you. I have personally experienced both sides of the coin and most of us do, but never understand why do we connect with certain people and with others we don’t.

October 12, 2012


I am sick and tired of being on the Facebook all the time,its become like an addiction.Sometimes I feel that I am too connected to what's happening in everybody else's life.I feel like a peeping tom,going through other people's photo's,comments,liking their status,sometimes I feel it is such a waste of time.

October 10, 2012


I am very upset with myself. I kind of lost my temper and I don’t feel good about it,now that I think of it.I read so many books on how to be a positive person and how to stay in control but today I kind of forgot all of that and  just for a few seconds,I completely lost it.I just forgot what I was saying and why the hell was I saying these things.