September 28, 2013


Many times as I have strolled across Dlf Promenade,Vasant kunj,everytime I bypass a foot spa by the name of "AROMA THAI". Though it looks very beautiful ,inviting and serene from the outside but almost every time   my mind on its own volition comes up with the conclusion that it must be very expensive,a pre conceived  notion that always deterred me from experiencing the beauty of a foot spa.But this time was very different, it was as if  this spa was calling onto me so I decided to atleast checkout the prices.As I was going through the service menu,I found that a 30 Minute foot spa costs Rs 1060,which really is not too much.So  I decided to give it a try after a lot of contemplation whether its worth it or not,a battle ensued in my mind whether I should go for a foot spa or a pedicure! So I decided that since I have never experienced a Thai foot spa,I should go for it.

As I told my choice to the lady at the reception,this very petite looking girl wearing  a thai ensemble took me inside the spa. Never before have I experienced the beauty of silence and stillness.I never knew that silence can be so beautiful and rejuvenating.There is a pin drop silence in the spa.Lights are dim and the whole environment is so fragrant.The feeling of peace is a little hard to describe,its to be experienced! As she massages my foot, its truly so blissful, I can feel the energy flowing through my foot  to the crown of my head.A wave of clamness,serenity and tranquility washes over me.I feel  I have been transported to another world,a world without a thought in my mind.My mind goes completely blank.There is total silence within me and outside of me.Its a very unique and a beautiful feeling-this blankness,this stillness and this silence.Experience it for yourself,its blissful and totally worth it.

September 11, 2013

You are the Leading Sperm!

Looking up to others is a positive trait,but it
becomes a weakness when it leads you into
 submission.Look up without submitting
 yourself.You can become better than your
 boss.What is possible for one man is
 possible for all men.What one man can do,
  all men can do;infact,do better.You were not
  born to follow.Remember you were the leading sperm.
  Even as a sperm you were not a follower.You were born to lead
  Live up to your inheritance.

Wow,I have never thought this way! It never even came to my mind,that truly we are the leading sperms.We all emerged as winners in this race towards creation of life.We are not followers! Period! we led and we won,hands down! We should pat ourselves on the back and celebrate on being victorious.Out of a million, we are the ones who won the race!Can you imagine a million and more? Wow, what a grand victory! Then does it make sense that most of us think so less of ourselves.We are so critical of ourselves.We are constantly judging ourselves. We do not give ourselves due credit.We are constantly finding faults with ourselves.We appreciate the potential that we see in others but not in ourselves.We follow others like sheep when we are born leaders ourselves.Now I truly understand the meaning of a "Born Leader". Is it not symbolic that if  we can emerge victorious and defeat a million and billion others before we were born then Imagine our potential now that we are fully grown humans.As a sperm we did not think small ,then why now? These lines have truly opened my mind and has made me see things differently. Love it

September 8, 2013


Last month I attended a workshop in New Delhi organized by "New Age Foundation" on "The Law of Attraction" by Mr Suresh Padmanabhan.This was a one day workshop from 9 Am to 9 PM.Since most of us have read and seen the movie "The Secret" we all know to some extent what is law of attraction and how it can help us in drawing whatever that we wish to attract to ourselves.Since I have read many books on the subject but thought it was time now to attend a live workshop on  the above subject by someone who has deep knowledge of the same.Frankly, I did not know what to expect out of this workshop but I was very excited to participate.As I reached Hotel Legend Inn, Kailash Colony I was a little nervous as I had no idea what kind of people would be attending this workshop.But believe me it was  an experience to remember,I met some really cool and awesome people doctor,makeup artists,business men, a magician,an 8 year old boy attending with his father,a vaastu expert,reiki healer,college stundent and the list goes on.........There were about 30  odd people attending this workshop and as we were Interacting and Introducing ourselves to each other,Mr Suresh Padmanabhan entered the conference hall and everybody stood up and applauded him as many had previously attended his workshop and clearly seemed in awe of him.I have to but say what an orator,he speaks with such force and authority over the subject that you cannot but listen with total focus and concentration.He divulged a lot of information about laws of the universe and how to play the game of life.

September 7, 2013


Dear Papa

Its been years since I last saw you in this realm. Today I feel immense sadness that you are no longer with me.I miss you very much.......papa.I really wish that you were still with us.I have so much to share with you.You were always my favourite parent. I saw God in you.I only saw goodness in you.For me you were perfection.You were and are the most amazing father in all of the universe.You gave me so much love.You gave me your unconditional support.You never judged me inspite of me being a "Drama/Tantrum Queen".You were my guardian angel.I felt so safe with you.With you by my side I felt divinely protected.I hated anyone/everyone who was disrespectful or rude to you.I felt protective of you,I felt I had to protect you from people who were unkind and did not appreciate your goodness.I could not and still cannot tolerate anyone speaking one word against you.My heart wells up with love when I remember those beautiful memories that we shared.

September 5, 2013


Dear Friends

This is a humble request from me to you, I would love it if you could rate my blog after you have read the content and would love it even further and welcome with open heart if you could give me your ideas and suggestions.My blog gives me a platform to express my inner most thoughts and its purely my opinion.It is my perception,its how I see things. This is my point of view.I may be right or wrong as per your perception but the idea is to  to read people with different mind sets with no judgement what so ever.So if you love my blog,Thank you so much and if you hate it (hope not) then also Thank you so much,you still took out the time to read my blog and that's wonderful.There is a "RATE MY BLOG" tab on the front page of my blog please rate as per your liking.