April 26, 2012

Personal Shopper to a Personal Shopper!

Hey, everyone I am extremely excited to introduce you all to a friend of mine from the country I truly adore, Italy. Stefano Gasparoli is a Personal Shopper from this beautiful country .He organizes customized shopping trips to Milan and Piedmont. It is always a pleasure to interact with fellow personal shoppers from around the globe as it is such a great opportunity to learn about the people and the culture of their land. So I requested Stefano for a tete-e-tete and he very kindly agreed.
Stefano Gasparoli

April 10, 2012

Diary of a Personal Shopper-My New Haircut!

Okay, so i got a new haircut yesterday.Well not so new,because as a rule I always go for layering,I am not very  comfortable experimenting with my hair. Although I love colouring but when its comes to a haircut I really become very nervous.I start shifting in my chair.My heartbeat becomes erratic.I almost don't want to take a haircut.So as I waited with a bated breadth for the stylist I reminisice
   about those days when i used to work with Hyatt Regency,New Delhi.
Not very fond memories. Interacted with some of the meanest and the most manipulative people in the business.But I learnt a lot from this experience and decided to quit hotel Industry forever!! Back in those days I was very naive and used to take people on their face values.But this experience really toughened me up and I am thankful for that

April 8, 2012

Diary of a Personal Shopper-How the Manager of Louis Vuitton Misbehaved with me!

This happened while i was working as a Store Manager for a brand in Emporio Mall,Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.We all know that Louis Vuitton is an iconic luxury Brand.But what we don’t know is how rude and arrogant their staff is.They are extremely haughty and full of attitude.I had the misfortune of learning about it first hand.Their manager “Tanya Sabharwal” visited my store and introduced herself to me.
I welcomed her and introduced myself as the manager. I tried to have a friendly conversation since we were both managers.But she gave me a formidable look and informed me that she was interested in buying a few products from us. Since what she wanted to buy was not available in my store at that point in time, i told her that i will get them for her from our other store.She agreed and we settled on a time by when the products would be made available to her.

April 7, 2012

Launch Of Neha Kapil Pathak Boutique!!!

I am extremely excited and thrilled to announce the launch of Neha Kapil Pathak Boutique.Shopping is not only my profession but also my passion.It gives immense me happiness to help people with their shopping.Hence the conception of this chic store.This boutique will showcase pieces that are  fashionable,stylish and in vogue with the latest trends.You can buy beautiful and interesting pieces for yourself or your loved ones This boutique is an extension of my personality.Each and every piece has been personally hand picked by me on my various shopping trips to different cities.Every piece will be exclusive,there will be no repeats.The sold product will not be displayed again.This boutique will display select few pieces only.This shopping salon is one stop shop for all things fashionable.I officially declare this boutique open.See you there! Here is a link to the store  nehakapilpathak-boutique.blogspot.com.Please do visit and  let me know your thoughts.

April 5, 2012

Diary of a Personal Shopper-Beautiful Lehenga for Sale!!!

This beautiful lehenga (Indian wedding dress) was worn by my very sweet and lovely sister in law on her wedding day 7 years ago.Since then a lot has happened, she is happily married to the love of her life,an army officer by profession and is now a proud mommy to a two year old beautiful baby girl Bani. This is a very special love story because my Sis In law and Brother In law  follow different religions,