August 27, 2014


I hereby declare myself as the official blogger for Mrs Aman Grewal. Lol!!! Looking absolutely stunning!!! Love the gown!!! Gorgeous colour. Bang on,Mrs Grewal.One of the best contestants without a doubt.I hereby prophesize that you are the winner of the title Mrs Beautiful Hair  for sure. Love,Love ,Love your look!!! 


It's the time to disco!!! It's definitely a time to disco for Mrs Aman Grewal.Congratulations and celebrations for being selected in the Mrs India Worldwide Contest !!! You have made my prophecy come true and that is so coooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllll. I feel like a Mayan!!! May be I should create a million dollar business out of it.What say. Lol

We all are so thrilled and excited for you.It's a huge achievement for you.I wish you all the very best for the contest and in my mind's eye I  already see you with the winning crown!!! Enjoy this very beautiful journey that you are embarking on and walk tall with confidence,beauty and humbleness that is your signature and which sets you apart from the rest of the herd.Be yourself and make yourself proud and seriously enjoy each and every moment.This is your time. Have fun!!!!!!!! 

August 22, 2014


I am Mrs blah blah and that is my sole claim to fame.I am Mrs blah blah and my identity is that I am my husband's wife.I choose to give away my personal power to the title Mrs.............Now my source of power and confidence comes from the title Mrs.....................My every interaction now happens from the title Mrs.....................Every new relationship that I build is based on my title Mrs.................All the false respect that I draw from others is because I am Mrs blah blah.Without my title I feel lost, Incomplete,disoriented.I am like a creeper that constantly needs the support of my title Mrs...................for my well being,my self  worth,self esteem.I work really hard for this title!!!I am like a stepford wife ,I choose to forget that I am an Individual and I am  much more than my title that I so proudly flaunt.My first name has lost its sheen and significance.I no longer value myself nor do I give a  rat's ass in creating my own personal identity.I walk tall with confidence as Mrs blah blah but without my title I am no one and nothing.

I have diagonsed myself with Mrs So and So syndrome and I have to say that I have contracted this dangerous disease.Frankly I don't give a damn;I arrogantly refuse to be cured!!!I am Mrs blah blah and that's that.(Pun Intended on the self)