February 19, 2012

Story on Personal Shopper's in India featuring me,myself!!!

Hey! everyone this interview was taken a few months back, but i was unable to share as the video was not available to me.Finally caught hold of  the video and have now uploaded it.Hope you like it! 
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February 18, 2012

Oops Moments!!!

This is what happens when I ask my 24 year old brother who is extremely impatient and just not interested to click a picture of me, myself. By the end of it I was totally exasperated and literally made me want to pull my hair out in frustration.The last picture is the only picture that came out okay.Not very happy with it but what can i say way better than ones above.
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February 16, 2012

My new laptop bag!!!

I have been looking for a new laptop bag for quite sometime now but was never interested in the conventional one as i find them very mannish.Bought this great looking croc style leather bag from dharavi.Its big,its spacious,its stylish and my laptop fits like a  glove.And the price is to die for.Awesome!!!
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February 12, 2012

Shopping at kala ghoda festival!!!

Hey everyone, just wanted to share a few new jewellery pieces that i bought for myself. I saw this beautiful neckpiece at Kala Ghoda festival and instantly fell in love with it, and their were only two pieces left of it,so without any further ado i bought it as fast as i could.Also i bought these really pretty white color peacock earrings.I am totally loving it.What do you guys think?
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February 11, 2012

Valentine gift for him!!!

If you  have all the money in the world but limited ideas, then this valentine gift your main man an experience to remember by.Here are my top three recommendations.
1. Around the world by private jet- Gift the man in your life a tour around the world by a private charter jet.Fly together in style to the most exotic locales and faraway places.Once you travel by a private jet you would never want to travel any other way again.This will be most definitely an experience that you will never forget.If luxury is what you seek in life then nothing can be more luxurious than this.Price on request

2.Fly a real fighter jet:-I am sure the man in your life  always  dreamt of being a fighter pilot when he was a boy. Now you have the perfect opportunity to make his dream come true.Gift him a ride of his lifetime.You can together fly a real jet fighter such as the supersonic MIG-29 fulcrum interceptor,the Aero L-39 albatros or the Hawker hunter fighter-bomber aircraft.You can enjoy this ride together with experienced pilots controlling the jet while in the air.Cost of a flight for a 45 minutes sortee begins from $ 2999.00

3.Ferrari tour:- On this day of love gift him a tailor made Ferrari tour to italy.Each Ferrari tour is bespoke, from one day in Maranello to a few days exploring Tuscany or northern italy with a supercar of your dreams.Ferrari ensures that you will see Italy in most luxurious and exciting way possible.They will tailor make every aspect of your trip from hotels,visits,guides and cars to unique local events and restaurants.Their portfolio currently includes 458 Italia, Ferrari California, Ferrari 430 spider,Ferrari scuderia,Ferrari 599 GTB and whole host of  other supercars should you wish to try something different.For price contact info@ferraritours.com.

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February 10, 2012

The mother of all valentine gifts!!!

If money is not an object in your life and you have millions,billions and trillions in your bank account,then this valentine  you now have the perfect opportunity to gift your lady love the most legendary,extravagant,elaborate and mother of all gifts. Coco Chanel summer home on French Riveria is now hit the market  for a whopping $50 Million.Famed architect Robert Streitz designed the residence for Mademoiselle Chanel and the Duke of Westminster. The pair kept the home as their French residence from 1929 to 1953.The home is located on the heights of La Toracca, with sea views over Menton on the east side, the sea to the south and some views to Monaco in the west.The house itself features seven bedrooms, most of which are suites.The listing admits the house needs some restoration and renovation, but with the history it has, that large price tag is understandable.
Besides Chanel, the house was a "social destination" of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, the Duke of Windsor, Noel Coward, Aristotle Onassis, Greta Garbo, Rose Kennedy, as well as Graham Sutherland, Prince Rainier and Princess Grace, Konrad Adenauer, Anthony Eden, and Paul Reynaud 
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February 9, 2012

The Valentine Couple!!!

Shahrukh Khan( The king of the Indian film industry) and his gorgeous wife Gauri make the most beautiful couple,married for 21 years, blessed with two lovely children,their love for each other is still going strong.To me they are the ideal couple and give me hope that love can truly last.I am going to start celebrating this month of love by using their lovely picture for background of my blog,as they truly inspire me and make me want to believe in the magic of true love!!!
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February 7, 2012

My New Shine Shampoo!!!

Hey,guys clicked some random pictures of myself,just wanted to check whether the new shampoo that i bought has delivered what it promised.It is a shine shampoo and i guess it has added a lot of gloss to my hair.I like it!!! What say??
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February 4, 2012

How to become a Personal Shopper!!!

This one is for my lovely reader Shreya, who recently mailed me as  she is interested to become a personal shopper and wants to know what does it take to become one.Well,shreya i chose this exciting profession because i am extremely passionate about shopping and fashion is my first love.I can travel far and wide,miles and miles just for shopping.I have been to all the so called "Shady" places whether its dharavi,chor bazaar,bhendi bazaar,mangaldas market,crawford market,chandni chowk,sadar bazaar and so on.I have been warned not venture into these areas because "supposedly" they are not safe but my love for shoppnig is so powerful and strong that i can not resist checking them out.I have to tell you though that i have really enjoyed my shopping escapades to these areas!!

Shreya,shopping is my passion and helping people shop is my mission.I truly enjoy taking people out on a personalised shopping trip,helping them buy the right product at the right price from the right place.And at the end of the session when i see their faces brimming with happiness,confidence and love for themselves, that is my high point, this is what makes me really really happy!!!

Shopping can be very tiresome and especially taking someone else out for shopping can be an extremely difficult task because everyone has their preconcieved notions, so you have to be extremely polite,calm and patient to make your client understand your point of view.I have had some very demanding clients who can really take you over the edge, will question your judgement at every step of the way,will go into a defensive mode if your try to break into their preconcieved notions.But then there are clients who are really open minded and want to discover themselves and accept new experiences willingly.

So if like me shopping is your passion and helping people shop is your calling in life and gives you extreme happiness then you have all the right ingredients to be a Personal Shopper!!!
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