May 22, 2012

Lingerie Shopping!

Lingerie is an integral part of every woman’s life. But did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra sizes. Shocking right! Women often complain that their bra is causing them a lot of discomfort that in itself is a clear indication that you are most definitely wearing a wrong bra size.  An incorrect Bra size can wreak havoc in your life; it can not only shatter your confidence, make you extremely uncomfortable, but most importantly can cause sagging, headaches, backaches, can damage your nerve. So it is important that we learn the correct way to buy lingerie.
Step1 Get yourself measured by a professional bra fitter every six months. The Bra size changes over time. Most women feel shy and do not want to get measured and that is step 1 to buying the incorrect size.

Step 2 When you do finally decide to overcome your shyness and go for a measurement, avoid wearing padded bras.
Step 3 After your measurements have been done, you are now ready to buy the perfect bra.
Step 4 When looking for a perfect bra, keep in mind of the following
·         Band:- The band of the bra should give maximum support to your bust. If the band rides up your back, it is a clear indication that it is the incorrect size and you need to buy a bra with a smaller cup size. It is recommended to buy a bra with thick bands as it will not dig into your back, especially if you are full figured woman.

·         Cup:- If your bust is spilling out from the top and sides of your bra, that means you are wearing a smaller cup size. If there is wrinkling in the cup or gapping,then the cups might be too big. Your cup should completely enclose your bust from the top and the sides, to avoid spillage.

·         Underwire:- Under wiring is extremely essential, as it gives maximum support and helps in lifting your bust.Underwires should lay flat against the top of the ribcage.   Most women complain that it causes them a lot of pain; if that is the case then you are surely wearing a wrong bra size. After you find your correct size, if you still feel that you can’t wear a bra with underwires, then no worries you can opt for a bra without under wires.

·         Centre Panels:- The centre panel should lie flat against the ribcage.To check it’s laying flat try putting two fingers under the panel, if you can with ease, then it’s too loose.If your bust are trying to escape and the centre panel is pushing out then the sizing is wrong.

·         Straps:- If your strap digs into your shoulder, that means that the band is not doing the all important job of providing support to your bust. Only 10% of support should come from the straps. . If the straps keep falling of the shoulder, it could mean that you probably need to adjust the strap or you are wearing the right size but wrong style, if that is the case then  you need to look for a style that is most suited for your bust. It could also mean that the Bra is old and has lost its elasticity, so get rid of it, pronto.
Step 5 Last but not the least it is important to take proper care of your lingerie.   Always hand wash your Bra, avoid washing in machine. Do not wring the Bra, let it drip dry. Buy new lingerie every six months.
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