July 16, 2012

Featuring, Mrs Aman Grewal-My First Blog Shop Client!!!

Well, for quite some time now I have been wanting to dedicate a post to my very first blog shop client. Ladies and Gentlemen, I ll like to Introduce  you to the very Stylish and Fashionable,Mrs Aman Grewal. Well, you know in the army circle she needs no Introduction, she is known for her Style, Impeccable fashion sense,Grace,Poise,her out of the box ideas. Married to a very talented and Intelligent Army officer, mother to two beautiful kids,she is a force to reckon with. Together they make a deadly combination!
You know what truly amazes me is how any one can be so  talented she is not only  beautiful, stylish,fashionable,she is an excellent wife,truly devoted mother,she cooks beautifully, she designs her own wardrobe, she speaks with such poise and grace and what really left an impression on me,she is such a polite,humble,modest,friendly and such a  positive person. Whenever we Interact,we generally end up  talking  about our dreams and aspirations for the future. She wants to be a motivational speaker and with her positive attitude she can most certainly be one and a fantastic one at that.But personally I have told her a zillion times that with her killer looks,she has to try for the Gladrags,Mrs India contest because I for one know 100% that she can totally win it.

So for such a person to be my first blog shop client, makes me a very happy person as she thinks (at the risk of me sounding immodest),that I have a great taste in style and fashion and my collection reflects it. Coming from her,I kind of believe it.So,thank you for trusting my choices and for being my very first client.
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The very stylish Mrs Aman Grewal

Inayat and Jansher
Awesome Twosome

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