August 4, 2015


Phew...............never in a million years imagined that trying to join back the corporate world after a break of  six years can be such an uphill and daunting task! Clearly for the past six years I have been living in fantasy world of  my own believing that I can jump back into my corporate uniform whenever I feel like it. But clearly that's not the case. My bubble has burst and my confidence is at all time low.

A litlle disappointed that these companies are so close minded but I guess that they have their own parameters.I don't blame them but truly wish that they a have liberated mindset,are open and receptive to women employees wanting to join back the corporate world. Clearly you are at a huge disadvatage and you have to literally start from the scratch. All the experience that you have gained over the years is of no value anymore. All they see is the sabbatical that you have taken. All the questions are around this career break ,which is ofcourse to be expected. So its really quite sad and hugely disappointing that the companies still carry such an orthodox attitude even in the 21st century. In my opinion it's a very myopic mindset. But again who is bothered about my opinion. All this talk about women empowerment now seems like a farce and only a lip service. What could be more empowering than providing a platform to women who are Interested in joining back the work force! 

Anyways I have been sleeping for six years and have now finally woken up to the harsh reality of the corporate universe. Good luck to me and all the lovely ladies who plan on joining back. We most definitely need it! Its a tough road ahead. 

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