July 31, 2016

Beircha Lake-Mhow!!!

I AM in the most beautiful place right now. This is the best season to be in Mhow. I can not even begin to tell you how blissfull it is here.Its so green.There is so much greenery that your eyes will turn green. Monnsoon's are in full swing. Nature is at its best right now. Its raining. Everything is flourishing and manifesting beautifully.

We visited Beircha Lake which is in Mhow. It is an artificial lake created by the british. This lake is maintained by the Indian Army. And kudos to them its really beautifully maintained!!! Its so clean and pristine. You will mostly see Army people chilling here with a beer in their hands. Lol!! Must visit if you happen to be in Mhow. Highly recommended!!!

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