October 18, 2011

OMG!!! Men are outspending women online

Myth of the decade-“MEN HATE SHOPPING”. Well, all the ladies in the house let me break it down to you, men are outspending us and we are clueless. The secret has been finally revealed that men hate shopping, only if they have to accompany you to the mall. Did you know that men are shopping like crazy online? Since the advent of virtual shopping our better halves are spending more money than us My very own dearest husband after work hours goes online to fashion and you, myntra.com, snapdeals.com every single day and shops for I don’t know what??? And spends money like there is no tommorow.He now knows much more about fashion than me!!!It’s hilarious. Just the other day he told me that he has ordered for some product called “Derma Seta” online for me. Please!!! Don’t order anything online for me and forced him to cancel. Phew!! Saved at the last minute. What is “Derma Seta”???? My cousin the other day was complaining that her husband shops virtually for almost everything from underwear, to electronics, to perfumes, to wallets,t-shirts,to medicines,to books,to shoes etc ,etc,etc.So is the case with my brother. MEN IN MY FAMILY HAVE BECOME SHOPOHOLICS!!!!!!!! Well, online shopping has become very popular with men. Because now they get to shop from the comfort of their home, no more sore feet, no more interaction with the retail executives, its time saving, now they are not restricted to the four corners of the showroom, their choices are now unlimited, before finalizing they get to read to reviews about the product and last but not the least their wives are no longer going to nag them on what they should buy!!! So it’s a win win situation for men. So ladies let the man in your life not give you any grief on your spending habits. Shop guilt free and enjoy now that you know what the men have been upto.Till next time take care, Bye, Shabba Khair.
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