November 13, 2011

Ushanka-The hottest accessory this fall !!!

An ushanka is a traditional yet very stylish russian winter hat.It is so so fashionable.It not only keeps you warm  but also adds to your glam quotient.It is a “ statement” winter accessory.For me it is “The Hat” for this season. It screams style,fashion,glam,sophistication,classy,high society.One hat and so many adjectives what more can you ask for?
Though it is made out  of different types of fur(sheepskin,rabbit,arctic fox,mink) but since I do not believe in cruelty towards animals i would prefer Faux fur anyday.You can wear this headpiece in three different styles,since it has ear flaps you can tie these on top of the  crown of your head,beneath the chin or at the back.
So this fall  crown yourself with an ushanka!!!
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Angelina Jolie
Kate Middelton

Kim kardashian an Rihanna

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