January 15, 2012

Five things you will never find in my closet!!!

I am 64 kgs, so obviously i am not a size zero. So i will never even dream of sporting these styles (well,maybe in dreams!!!), because i know for a fact that they will make me look bigger than i am and will add volumes to me.So though i love these styles but i stay away from them because they do not suit my particular body type.Its very important to dress for your body type, wear clothes that help you accentuate your assets and hide your flaws.I do not follow trends just because a high end  fashion magzine says so, i like to wear clothes that give me confidence and bring out the best in me.Everybody desires to look good and your clothes can help you achieve that.So choose what you wear very wisely.
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Jump suits

Pleated Skirts

Harem Pants
Ruffled Skirts
High waist pants

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