January 13, 2012

Jaipur Blue Pottery!!!

On my trip to jaipur, i came across this beautiful shop selling the most coveted craft of Jaipur, the blue pottery.Blue pottery is turko-persian in origin but now jaipur is famous for this art form.The shop owner was very welcoming and gave us a lot of insights about this  gorgeous craft.I was truly mesmerized by its beauty.If you are planning a  trip to jaipur definitely put this on your wishlist, you will most definitely thank me for it.
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  1. I shall be in Jaipur next week for the Literature Festival. I shall make sure to discover this shop. Can you please email me their address, I would be grateful. Best wishes. mathurrak@gmail.com

  2. jaipur blue potteryart centre
    Near Jain Mandir ,Amer Road ,Jaipur-302002(INDIA)
    Tel 01412630116