April 8, 2012

Diary of a Personal Shopper-How the Manager of Louis Vuitton Misbehaved with me!

This happened while i was working as a Store Manager for a brand in Emporio Mall,Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.We all know that Louis Vuitton is an iconic luxury Brand.But what we don’t know is how rude and arrogant their staff is.They are extremely haughty and full of attitude.I had the misfortune of learning about it first hand.Their manager “Tanya Sabharwal” visited my store and introduced herself to me.
I welcomed her and introduced myself as the manager. I tried to have a friendly conversation since we were both managers.But she gave me a formidable look and informed me that she was interested in buying a few products from us. Since what she wanted to buy was not available in my store at that point in time, i told her that i will get them for her from our other store.She agreed and we settled on a time by when the products would be made available to her.

But due to heavy traffic congestion and the distance,, the stock boy was not able to come back on the agreed time.That is when all the hell broke lose.This Lady started misbehaving.Kept on calling my store and shouted at me.She threatened that she would inform my CEO about this incident.I tried to calm her and even apologised for the delay.But she just did not stop.She foul mouthed my brand.Questioned my owners credibility.She very arrogantly stated that something like this would never happen at Louis Vuitton.

The brand that i worked for is a very high end brand.I have had the opportunity to interact with the whose who of delhi.All these people whenever they came to my store were very humble and dignified.They have never ever raised their voice, if something undesirable happened.

But the lady in question just happens to be an employee of Louis Vuitton. I was really amazed by her bad behaviour.I guess Louis Vuitton trains their staff to be badly behaved and arrogant.Some of their clients have also complained about their attitude.You should see them interacting with people from other brands.They behave as if they are royalty.

Christian Dior is another brand from the same company.But their staff is extremely well behaved.Very humble and when you visit their store they don't give you a dirty look even if you don't intend to buy anything.Infact they are very hospitable.How can two brands from the same company be so different???
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