April 10, 2012

Diary of a Personal Shopper-My New Haircut!

Okay, so i got a new haircut yesterday.Well not so new,because as a rule I always go for layering,I am not very  comfortable experimenting with my hair. Although I love colouring but when its comes to a haircut I really become very nervous.I start shifting in my chair.My heartbeat becomes erratic.I almost don't want to take a haircut.So as I waited with a bated breadth for the stylist I reminisice
   about those days when i used to work with Hyatt Regency,New Delhi.
Not very fond memories. Interacted with some of the meanest and the most manipulative people in the business.But I learnt a lot from this experience and decided to quit hotel Industry forever!! Back in those days I was very naive and used to take people on their face values.But this experience really toughened me up and I am thankful for that
Any ways to cut the long story short ,on one such day I was in a dark mood because of the ongoing politics,I was depressed and very upset, so to cheer myself I decided  that I needed a new haircut,pronto!!!. I had shoulder length hair and back then we used to wear this really sorry of a Sari,supposedly designed by a Fashion Designer.We were expected to wear our hair in a bun and apply lots of make up.Seriously I was sick of the bun and the sari and the make up and the negativity all around me .I think all  this added to my madness and I decided to get rid of bun forever!!.
I was recommended a salon by one of my colleagues in south extension, people you must never go there! I was extremely excited because I  was finally  getting rid of the "BUN" I wanted to sport something cool,stylish and chic,I wanted impress and dazzle  everyone with my new look.So I asked my stylist for her recommendation,she in turn showed me  a catalogue with different hairstyles.I saw this haircut which really mesmerised me, and I was like YES, this is it. This will change my life forever, I will finally be free of the "BUN" and it really did change my life but for the worse.

She gave me such a bad haircut,that when I looked at myself in the mirror, I was stunned to the core of my heart,I was paralysed,my brain had stopped working.She had cut my hair so short  and so bizarre that I looked like a creature from a different planet.I was looking like an alien!!! I just didn't know what to do,like a zombie I paid the idiot of a stylist and walked out of the salon.But what now,how the hell will I face the people at my work place who are already so mean and conniving and were sure to make fun of me. In a second I  lost  all my confidence and when i reached my hostel I cried my eyes out.But crying was not going to help me, what's done was done,I had no option but to go for work.Gathering all my courage and false bravado,I walked into the hotel,there were these bunch of guys sitting together,the moment they saw me they burst out laughing and one of them jokingly commented that I looked like Sanjay Dutt from the movie  Sadak.!! Well, he was actually right I did look really odd.
This is how I wanted to look.
Sanjay Dutt from the movie Sadak
Any ways what I am trying to say is that,a haircut can make or break you.As Martin Luther quoted "Hair is the richest ornament of a woman".You may not be most beautiful women in the world,but a great haircut can make all the difference in the universe.It really does add to your personality.I lost all my confidence in a nano second,so I know what  I am talking about.I felt miserable for days and so self conscious. Hair are truly your crowning glory.They are the most important part of your personality.A good hair cut can instantly make you look 5 years younger.They are a boost to your confidence.So all those ladies who are constantly telling me that it really doesn't matter what their hair looks like,they don't have time for such vain things,their kids or their husbands are their priority,please wake up and smell the coffee,who are you trying to fool.Please don't bash women who make an effort to take care of themselves.A well maintained woman is always more  admired and respected,than someone who doesn't bother what they look like.And there is absolutely nothing vain about it!! So invest in your hair and invest in your personality.But be sure of the reputation of the stylist you use otherwise you know what can happen..................... So go take that haircut now!!
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  1. I hate to get a new haorcut, always be afraid of a big disaster, that's why my hair grows and grows;)

    Wanna follow each other? I start right now;)

    Kisses from Berlin


  2. in my opinion your new haircut is great, you look lovely, have a nice weekend

  3. Not bad at all hun...you made it sound horrific! She could have gone at least an inch shorter to get closer to "your" look...all in all, still so FAB and GLAM!

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    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com

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