June 22, 2012


Okay,so wherever I go these days I hear about the Miraculous "Moroccan hair oil'.This hair oil has taken the people in India by storm. From Chitrangada Singh to just about every one is harping about how magical this hair oil is.Fashion magazines are talking about it,blogger's are blogging about it,It has become the most talked about product.So of course I wanted to check out whats the hoopla  all about.So I was in Ambience Mall,Vasant Kunj and happened to look in the direction of the "Kiehl's " store and I suddenly remembered about the moroccan oil and walked towards the store.I asked the sales executive about the said product and she very excitedly showed me a bottle of "Argan Dry Oil".I was like hello! sweetie I am looking for moroccan oil not argan oil.She then informed me that it was one at the same thing.
I read the label which claimed that this formulation helps to smooth skin and hair while providing a healthy-looking sheen.This formula when used on the hair helps to smooth split-ends and help restore the appearence of damaged hair.I was then told by the sales person that  apply this oil like a serum ie you have to use a very little quantity and rub it through hair and ends.I have to tell you that a bottle of 125 ml  will cost you about Rupees 1550.So I was extremely happy that it will last me about 2-3 months. I  was very excited and decided that I am going to buy it.I went back home and just could'nt wait to try this awesome product and see for myself how it would transform my hair.I immediately washed my hair and decided to apply the oil on my wet hair.I rubbed a small quantity through my hair like I do with my L'oreal serum.Now I waited for my hair to dry to see the result for my self.Well, I have tell you that I was extremely disappointed,the oil dried my hair out and made it frizzy and wavy.I thought that probably you know,I did not use the oil in proper quantity, so after a few days I tried the oil again but it again showed me the same results.I then asked my husband to use the oil on his hair as he has very dry hair,but unfortunately the result was the same  and I could not see any shine as the oil claimed. So now the bottle is sitting in one corner and I am extremely upset that my 1500 rupees has gone done the drain.Well, people this my experience,probably this hair oil might suit your hair type.So, try for your self and then decide.
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