January 28, 2013


Beauty is the signature of God! God loves beauty. Just look at the world around you,the clear blue skies,the floating clouds,the rising and setting of the majestic sun,the magical beauty of a full moon night,the mysterious,deep and silent ocean,the snow capped mountains,the lush greenery all around,the perfect beauty of a flower and its oh so divine fragrance,the colourful butterfly,the divine colours of the rainbow and that divine scent,when the first few drops of the rain mingles with the earth-that heavenly fragrance OH MY GOD! if only someone could bottle it up.God is a perfectionist and all his creations are perfect.

A woman is God's most beautiful and divine creation.Every woman is beautiful and perfect because God creates nothing but beauty and perfection! Every woman is special in the eyes of the divine and has bestowed beauty in each and everyone of us. Women are his expression of beauty! 

So how can we let a handful of people in the name of fashion define beauty to women all around the world.How can we let these people decide for a million/billion women what's in or what's out! If a certain Kareena Kapoor is  a size zero,then all must follow blindly because that's the latest trend dictated and like sheep we must conform to these beauty trends,whether healthy or not,is not an issue at all.What's right for a Kareena Kapoor may not be right for all the women in the world.That is her perception of beauty,she created a trend out of it,do we need to follow these unhealthy trends,that's for you to decide.What is your perception of beauty?

We all are undoubtedly beautiful,like every flower has a different form of beauty, but do we not appreciate the beauty and perfection of every flower.Some like roses,some like lilies,some like hibiscus,some like orchids,who is to say which is the most beautiful flower.But all of them are beautiful and perfect in their own way,but are definitely very very different from each other.So is it wisdom,to conform to the ideas of a bunch of people dictating the meaning of beauty to women around the world?Is their perception of beauty the only perception or do we dare to think for ourselves?

In my mind,there is no doubt what so ever,that inner beauty really matters.You may look like an Aishwarya Rai but if you do not feel beautiful from within, in spite of you being very beautiful and attractive to other people,you will never feel beautiful to yourself.And before anybody finds you beautiful,you must feel beautiful to yourself, because when you fall in love with yourself (I am not talking about the narcissistic self love) ,the world automatically falls in love with you.

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