January 11, 2013


I would like to Introduce all my readers to Priyanka Verma. This dynamic young lady is the Sr. Copy Editor to India's very own newly launched fashion Magazine" KLICK".The first issue of  the magazine Janaury 2013 is now out on stands.So heartiest congratulations to priyanka and her team! I hope and wish that their first issue is a huge success.I  hope that it connects with the heart and  soul of the Indian people.

Also I would like to take this opportunity to thank priyanka for featuring me in their very first issue.She has beautifully executed a piece on Personal Shoppers in India.I have to say she has done a brilliant job.So kudos, priyanka. Keep the creative energy flowing!Once again,thank you so much for featuring me and best of luck for all your future endeavours. 

Priyanka Verma
Sr. Copy Editor Klick Magazine

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