October 7, 2014


So 11th october is Karva Chauth.Hmmmmm...........mixed feelings.Do I love it or do I just succumb to it because the society expects me to.The parameters for beings a good wife definitely includes observing this very auspicious festival of Karva Chauth. Fellow women are horrified if another woman is not interested to observe this fast for the well being and the longevity of her husband! If you love and care for your husband then it becomes Imperative to keep this fast.You will be judged if you do not believe in this auspicious festival of Karva Chauth.And who are the judges; surprise,surprise fellow women But sometimes I wonder is this the only way to show love and care for your husband by starving and not drinking a drop of water throughout the day.I know it's just one day out of the whole year but forgive me;I am questioning everything these days.I don't want to follow anything blindly.What has Love really got to do anything with fasting.I guess we really need someone  to redefine Love for us.Love is definitely not what Bollywood movies portray.Well,that's another subject altogether.

Food for thought;what about my well being and longevity.Why is there no Karva Chauth for women.Why do men not observe this fast for the well being and longevity of their wives.Does my well being and longevity does not matter?Whether I live or die makes no difference ?.Should I then come to the conclusion that since the husbands do not fast for the well being and longevity of their wives they do not love and care about them! Sometimes I really think we have a distorted view of what love is. Love is definitely not asking someone to starve and not drink a drop of water.In my opinion Love is to set the other person free and not chain them to you. Do we have such low self esteem that we have to prove our love to our better half by torturing ourselves. What about the rest of the world;their husbands are fit and fine without their wives fasting for them. 

I guess each to his own.If you love it,observe it. But if you choose to break free;dearies you have an uphill task ahead of you.Without a doubt you  are going to be judged and preached how a good wife should fast for her husband.And yes you might be looked down upon and criticised for your decision.Good news is ,the choice is yours!!!!

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