October 3, 2014


The truth is that I am sick and tired of being a fake.Because I don't speak what I really feel and do  things that I don't  feel like doing.And this leads to a major conflict within me. I am constantly selling myself out.I am tormented! I choose not to be an order follower.Order following is not a virtue ,dude. Brain dead people follow orders blindly.I choose not  to conform to other peoples wants and desires.I choose not to please people in order to make it in the world. I choose not to impress you in order for you to like me. I choose not to lick other people's a**es so that  I climb th e ladders of success.I choose not to subscribe to the darwanian theory of " SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST". Utter Bullshit! I am not an animal ; I am an higher thinking being. I choose to thrive and not just survive.  I have the right to Say"NO" whenever I choose to.But there are people who make you do things that you don't want to do.But who's fault is that.Without a doubt mine because I do not have the courage to say NO to their bullshit.I am the one to blame because I am weak.I observe the world around me and learn that those who lick "a**es  are liked by all but those who are not interested to do the same are disliked by all.If I follow your order to the tee I am such a good person but If I dare to say NO I am bad and I need to be screwed with.

Screw you all;who think you have the right to make some one adhere to your way of thinking.You do not have the right to force other people to do your bidding!!Dude, karma is a bitch!!What you sow is what you shall reap!!In the name of authority,heirarchy and power of your position you make people suffer and feel good about it;seriously people :you are mentally sick! Anyways the fault lies with me because I am the one who does not have the courage to stand up for myself.I am the one who submits to the slavery of  other people.I need to stop betraying myself and need to bulid courage within me so that I can I finally say " NO THANK YOU".Take your bullshit else where.

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