December 16, 2011

Mumbai Shopping Diary-Chapter 1

I am a personal shopper from delhi.I am in mumbai looking out for the hottest and hippest shopping destinations where i can take my clients for a guided and personalised shopping trip.I have been told that mumbai is a shopping haven,a paradise for shopoholics like me.So i decided to visit the most famous flea market of mumbai "Linking Road",Bandra.

Bandra is one of the most fashionable,trendy and hippest subburb of mumbai.Linking road in bandra is lined with stalls selling traditional indian jutis,trendy western footwear, colorful scarves,latest fashionable bags, trendy western wear ,traditional indian wear, interesting pieces of faux antique jewellery,belts,beautiful and colorful bangles,earrings.Its a very interesting street and everthing is very  very reasonably priced,bargaining here is the keyword,haggle as much as possible with a smiling face.

You can buy scarves for just Rs 50,shoes for Rs 200,tops for Rs 250,dresses for Rs 300 , clutches for Rs 150,jewellery starts from Rs 50 to 300 at the max.So if you are on a budget and you want the latest in fashion then visit this very chic street.There is something for everyone here.So next time you visit mumbai definitely add this fashionable lane to your itinerary.I have definitely added a lot to my wardrobe from this colorful street.I bought a white shirt with ruffles for just Rs 250 and believe me  i saw almost the same thing in a branded showroom for Rs 3000 !!! .So kudos to me.
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