December 16, 2011

Mumbai Shopping Diary-Colaba Causeway-Chapter3

Well today  i have decided to head towards colaba causeway,mumbai's another very  famous flea market.This is located in south mumbai and i am putting up in andheri east.I have been told that in mumbai you can travel by auto rickshaws only till Bandra and from there on you have  to catch a taxi.So i have decided that i am going to take rickshaw till bandra highway and from there on i will travel by taxi to colaba causeway.

On my way to colaba, the taxi driver very politely inquires whether i would like to go via worli sea link as i would encounter less traffic and reach the destination faster.So i decide to go via worli sea link and for that i have to pay a toll of Rs 50.Well i dont know whether i reached the destination faster but i most definitely enjoyed the view.The sea link is a sight to the sore eye.

Wow!! it took me almost two hours to reach my final destination.Now that i am finally here i quite like the place,its very vibrant,buzzing with a lot of activity,the place is thronged by foreigners and indians alike.The whole atmosphere is very lively.The pavement is lined with stalls that are so colorful.You can buy some very interesting things from this street.What really piqued my interest were antique brass stalls,gramphones,vctorian era clocks,colorful lamps,magnifying glasses etc etc.You can buy kolhapuri chappals,scarves,tops,dresses, bags,belts..phew and the list goes on.
The jewellery here is to do die for specially the ones in stones.I went berserk shopping for the same,some of the pieces are extremely beautiful,you will find necklaces made out of rose quartz,turquoise and zillion variety of stones.But i am not very confident about the authenticity of the same.Again everything here is very reasonably priced and the rule here  is to bargain,bargain and bargain with a smile.I really had lots of fun shopping at causeway. A stone's throw away is Gate of india and the legendary taj.

I am done with shopping for today and i  head towards Piccadily restaurant as i am very hungry.This restaurant serves iranian and lebaneese food.I order for lebaneese mushroom masala roll and a watermelon juice.Yummy, as this was my first interaction with lebaneese food culture.Another successful day comes to an end and the hunt continues.................................
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  1. I am definitely going to checkout colaba..... My girlfriends birthday is coming up planning to pick up some jewellery............ Thanks for the info

  2. Thanks nikhil,keep reading,i will be updating my blog on the hottest shopping destinations in mumbai....

  3. HI could you please assist me i am going to India, Mumbai in 15 days i i just cant seem to find anyone who can tell me how much money do i need to take with EVERYTHING is already paid for all i need to know is how much for gifts for people like brass stuff etc...

    Thanks A Million

  4. please mail me your e-mail id,so i can answer your question.You can mail me at

  5. Nice post. Colaba is a bustling district packed with street stalls, markets, resto-bars and various lodging facilities. This is the one place in Mumbai which seems like a carnival the entire year. For various travellers and tourist visiting Mumbai every year, there are plenty of hotels in Mumbai offering comfortable accommodation.