December 20, 2011

Mumbai Shopping Diary-Crawford Market-Chapter 5

 On my  way to Crawford market, the cabbie informs me that we will be passing by dharavi, infamous for its slum area. But my interest is aroused in this zip code because I have been told that you can buy leather goods from here at a wholesale rate………….. My cabbie is very informative and gives me the exact address to these stores, so this is definitely next on my shopping trip.
After a half an hour tete-e-tete with the taxi driver, I finally reach mumbai’s oldest and most famous market which is housed in a Victorian style building. One look at the building and I feel like have been transported to a different era. It has an world charm to it.Though i must tell you that it can be really crowded at times.And my advice is  to wear comfortable shoes and dress discreetly as this area is a little conservative.
A fruit seller, very kindly informs me that this is a wholesale market and I can buy imported fruits and vegetables from here. I was quite mesmerized by dragon fruit and rambutan-malyasian lychee. I almost bought them but had a last minute change of heart, may be next time. You can also buy a  variety of   imported food items like chocolates, cheese and confectionary. Pasta, herbs, sauces, wines, marshmallows, dry fruits, dates, hazel nut pastes and the list is endless. For christmas if you want to gift your friends and family with cakes and chocolates then you can buy beautiful packing boxes from here.As christmas is just around the corner, you can buy decorative items for your christmas tree from crawford.You can also buy cosmetics at a wholesale rate loreal shampoos,condtioners,body washes,body lotions,perfumes,deodrants etc etc.You name it  and its here.There is something for everybody here.

Crawford is the heart of mumbai.You can see the true mumbaikar spirit here.I had a great time and intend to come back here very soon……………………………
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