February 4, 2012

How to become a Personal Shopper!!!

This one is for my lovely reader Shreya, who recently mailed me as  she is interested to become a personal shopper and wants to know what does it take to become one.Well,shreya i chose this exciting profession because i am extremely passionate about shopping and fashion is my first love.I can travel far and wide,miles and miles just for shopping.I have been to all the so called "Shady" places whether its dharavi,chor bazaar,bhendi bazaar,mangaldas market,crawford market,chandni chowk,sadar bazaar and so on.I have been warned not venture into these areas because "supposedly" they are not safe but my love for shoppnig is so powerful and strong that i can not resist checking them out.I have to tell you though that i have really enjoyed my shopping escapades to these areas!!

Shreya,shopping is my passion and helping people shop is my mission.I truly enjoy taking people out on a personalised shopping trip,helping them buy the right product at the right price from the right place.And at the end of the session when i see their faces brimming with happiness,confidence and love for themselves, that is my high point, this is what makes me really really happy!!!

Shopping can be very tiresome and especially taking someone else out for shopping can be an extremely difficult task because everyone has their preconcieved notions, so you have to be extremely polite,calm and patient to make your client understand your point of view.I have had some very demanding clients who can really take you over the edge, will question your judgement at every step of the way,will go into a defensive mode if your try to break into their preconcieved notions.But then there are clients who are really open minded and want to discover themselves and accept new experiences willingly.

So if like me shopping is your passion and helping people shop is your calling in life and gives you extreme happiness then you have all the right ingredients to be a Personal Shopper!!!
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  1. Lovely, i like so much your blog.


  2. Thanks for your comment on our blog! I never thought about being a personal shopper; it seems like a great career. xo style, she wrote

    1. It is a very exciting career.Thanks for dropping by

  3. Loving your much inspired blog:-)

  4. Your job a like it!!!! personal shoper its my dream!

    we have a new post! muakkkk!!!

  5. Lovely post, is a nice job!:) xoxo