February 11, 2012

Valentine gift for him!!!

If you  have all the money in the world but limited ideas, then this valentine gift your main man an experience to remember by.Here are my top three recommendations.
1. Around the world by private jet- Gift the man in your life a tour around the world by a private charter jet.Fly together in style to the most exotic locales and faraway places.Once you travel by a private jet you would never want to travel any other way again.This will be most definitely an experience that you will never forget.If luxury is what you seek in life then nothing can be more luxurious than this.Price on request

2.Fly a real fighter jet:-I am sure the man in your life  always  dreamt of being a fighter pilot when he was a boy. Now you have the perfect opportunity to make his dream come true.Gift him a ride of his lifetime.You can together fly a real jet fighter such as the supersonic MIG-29 fulcrum interceptor,the Aero L-39 albatros or the Hawker hunter fighter-bomber aircraft.You can enjoy this ride together with experienced pilots controlling the jet while in the air.Cost of a flight for a 45 minutes sortee begins from $ 2999.00

3.Ferrari tour:- On this day of love gift him a tailor made Ferrari tour to italy.Each Ferrari tour is bespoke, from one day in Maranello to a few days exploring Tuscany or northern italy with a supercar of your dreams.Ferrari ensures that you will see Italy in most luxurious and exciting way possible.They will tailor make every aspect of your trip from hotels,visits,guides and cars to unique local events and restaurants.Their portfolio currently includes 458 Italia, Ferrari California, Ferrari 430 spider,Ferrari scuderia,Ferrari 599 GTB and whole host of  other supercars should you wish to try something different.For price contact info@ferraritours.com.

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  2. hahahaha , great idea!!! ok maybe next year......... happy Valentines Day.
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