March 27, 2012

Diary of a Personal Shopper-The Goan Holiday!!!!

Everytime I holiday in Goa I fall a little more deeper in love with this beautiful city.Its like a different world altogether.Its is like no other city in India.I feel liberated,my soul feels true happiness(at the risk of sounding philosophical).You can be your true self.No one judges you here.The sense of belonging is very strong.The ocean seems to be singing a beautiful song and the waves

are choreographing a dance so beautiful that literally takes you breath away.I feel like "Alice in Wonderland".But  Alice does return to the real world eventually,till next time Goa,I bid you farewell for now!!!
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  1. Thank you for your nice comment :D

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  2. I love all the dresses! Goa is so much fun and so are the maxi dresses!


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