March 18, 2012

Interview with Hospitality Career Mag !!

This interview was requested by largest hospitality career e- mag. I was contacted by the editor Mr Prabhjot Bedi on as he thought that personal shopping is a very unique service and could be extremely beneficial for Hospitality Industry in India.Mr Bedi is an Hospitality Ideator, author,consultant,recruiter and trainer.I was delighted as i got a great platform to spread awareness about this amazing service which is extremely new in India.I would also  like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Bedi for providing me with this platform.Here is a link to the interview 

Neha Kapil Pathak | OWNER | STYLE DIVA - hospitality career e-mag

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  1. I agree. Did you visit Confex? I was at ITB Berlin too, where I saw best of the hotels chanins at their best of marketing.