March 22, 2012

Refresh your wardrobe with Refashioner!!!

I am obsessed with clothes and more.I have been told by my family that i have a tendency to overdress for the simplest of  ocassions.Specially my brother, rolls his eyes out  in irritation and promises not to take me anywhere.  But in my defence I would like to say that i love dressing up as it makes me very happy! And happiness is all that matters right! I enjoy shopping but sometimes end up buying clothes that i have never worn and has been sitting in my closet forever!! Don't we all make wrong wardrobe choices at times and then regret it later.Regret is even more profound if those pieces are expensive,right.So the gist of the story is like the rest of the world i am also on twitter.So i came across this website by the name of Refashioner that follows me.I clicked open their website and what i read really upped my interest quotient.I like to call myself connoisseur of unusual businesss.I enjoy reading and writing about innovative business ventures.And this is definitely very interesting. All you fashionistas can now stop fretting as Refashioner gives you a perfect solution,guess what?girls, you can now swap your couture pieces!! Gucci shoes that are one size bigger, Fendi bag that you bought on sale but no longer like,Cavalli dress that never suited you in the first place.Is'nt it unbelievable!!!You now have the opportunity to correct your mistakes,how cool is that.All you have to do is post your pieces to your personal Refashioner closet and spend their value on other people's good stuff.But first of all your wardrobe has to be approved by their fashion police. Is'nt Refashioner doing a great service for all the fashion fanatics? I totally love the concept.All you shopoholics can now shop guilt free!! Awesome,Right.  Here is a link to their website.


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  1. I am obsessed with clothes as well:)

    Kisses, Lucy!