October 12, 2012


I am sick and tired of being on the Facebook all the time,its become like an addiction.Sometimes I feel that I am too connected to what's happening in everybody else's life.I feel like a peeping tom,going through other people's photo's,comments,liking their status,sometimes I feel it is such a waste of time.
Why am I on the Facebook all the time,how is it entertaining me,I have absolutely no idea.I feel so restless the day I do not log on to Facebook that is the extent of my addiction.I become so irritable and cranky if my Internet is not working.Its like as if  my virtual life has become more important than my real life.  I open Facebook at least ten times a day and for no rhyme or reason because I am not too much into chatting as well,I  like to chat with very few people,maybe one or two.And neither do I update my status everyday,yes I do share my blog posts and that's about it. Its not like that I do not want to be connected to my friends,I do, I appreciate the concept of Facebook because it gives me an opportunity to be in touch with friends from my childhood days,colleagues,family,people from around the globe,it's a  beautiful concept but as they say too much of everything is bad and that is definitely the case with me.So I have made a conscious decision to disconnect myself from Facebook for at least a month.I need to de addict myself,pronto! Lets see how successful I am at this and I am really hoping that I do not log on to Facebook right after writing this post.That will be seriously sad!

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