October 10, 2012


I am very upset with myself. I kind of lost my temper and I don’t feel good about it,now that I think of it.I read so many books on how to be a positive person and how to stay in control but today I kind of forgot all of that and  just for a few seconds,I completely lost it.I just forgot what I was saying and why the hell was I saying these things.
But I came back to my senses pretty soon and realized that this thing that upset me  was just not worth it, the negativity that I felt in my mind and my body did not feel good at all and I realized that I do not want to accumulate toxins in my mind and body by stressing myself out over things that I have no control. I am writing this blog post because this is my way of releasing negativity from my mind,body and soul. I feel so much lighter now.I guess I can sleep in peace now!

P.S. The best way to release yourself from negativity is by writing about that incident on a piece of paper and then set it on fire,seriously people it does work! And don't let things get to you,be cool,be calm,be happy because stress can really harm your health and nothing is worth that.Express your anger in creative ways and let it go!

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