October 18, 2012


Just the other day I was reading this really interesting book that talked about why we connect with certain people instantly and others we dislike at first glance, for no rhyme or reason. You meet this complete stranger for the very first time and you feel as if you have known this person forever, you instantly connect with them, there is so much to talk about, its like you are picking up from somewhere you left. But what’s strange is that you are meeting them for the very first time, so what’s the logic behind this instant bonding? And then there are times when you come across a total stranger and at first sight you completely hate this person and there is no logic to this as well. Why would a total stranger inspire such revulsion in you. I have personally experienced both sides of the coin and most of us do, but never understand why do we connect with certain people and with others we don’t.

 I met this very good friend of mine through work and when I met her for the very first time, it was like déjà vu, we instantly hit it off, we instantly bonded and we were talking and talking and talking and everybody was like do you people know each other from before and we were like,NO,we have met for the very first time, so everybody was like how come you are so pally with each other. At that time I did not give it too much importance but now that I think of it, It made no sense. And at the same work place I met this horrendous person, whom I hated on first sight and the feeling was mutual. This individual gave me  a lot of grief, made my life a pure hell, I just couldn’t stand this person and the idea of doing an eight hour shift with him gave me nightmares, I was literally begging my colleagues to swap shifts with me, it was that bad. A few years ago this person sent me a friend request on face book and I was like seriously, you horrible person, f*** off, I would never be friends with you. If you are reading this you idiot, one tight slap on your face!

Anyway,what I read really amazed me, that when we connect with someone who is a total stranger instantly, in most probability you have known this person and was a friend of yours  in your past life, you don’t know this but your soul does and when you come across this person in this lifetime it instantly recognizes the soul of this other person and there is an immediate bonding between the two people, you feel as if  you have known this person forever. How beautiful is that! So, next time you across someone you instantly connect with,now you know why!

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