December 14, 2012


I have never really understood why do humans love the metal gold so much. What is so special about this particular metal that has captured the imagination of all? Why is it such an expensive metal and why are the prices ever increasing. And in spite of the increasing prices, why are we still buying this so called precious metal. What makes Gold so precious and how is it different from other metals?
Why are we as a race attracted towards this particular metal. I have never really understood what is so desirable about this yellow metal, yes we all buy gold because we have been told since time immemorial that it is a very special and expensive metal and it is a good investment. But the point is how is it special and what makes it so expensive, does it have healing properties? What is so unique about this metal that the prices are ever increasing? And I really want to understand why the prices are increasing in the first place. Why is gold so important to the human race? Yes, we have been conditioned to believe that buying gold is a status symbol. It reflects our positions in the society.And it will come to our aid in the time of crisis,which of course it does. But how did we come to the conclusion that gold is a precious and expensive metal. Again, what are those magical properties that differentiates it from other metals. Why have we been conditioned to believe that gold is special. What is the power that Gold as a metal holds over the humanity? Why are we a gold obsessing race? It feels as if the obsession with gold has been wired into our DNA's.I have nothing against gold, but I have asked this question to myself  time and again,why do we lust for gold.How did this love affair with this precious metal begin in the first place.What makes it so desirable? What makes it so valuable? 


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