January 27, 2017


Anahata is fed up of this moron of a guy Shawn……………………. he is such an ass. Since the day, she has joined “The Goan Dance Academy” in the the beautiful city of Goa as a Junior Marketing Assistant he has made it his mission to make her life a living hell. He loves to torture her and is always bitching about her to Mr Fernandez who heads the Marketing department. Anahata is repulsed by Shawn-the dumb ass. She hates him from the core of her heart. She just can’t get it why he loves to trouble her so much. If the Devil ever had a child Shawn must be it!!!!!!!!!!!! Just thinking about Shawn and the thought of having to work alongside him is draining Anahata’s energy. In her whole 24 years she has never met someone as idiotic and stupid as him. She has a meeting with a client and Shawn is accompanying her since he is senior to her and has been with the academy for two years. Mr Fernandez has now  decided that Shawn-the moron will be mentoring Anahata!!!!!!!!!Oh what a nightmare!!!!

Why can’t Zorawar be her Mentor??? Anahata and Zorawar get along like house on fire. They work so well together. They have so much fun. They are always joking and laughing. They have such great camaraderie between them. Anahata really enjoys working with Zorawar. Everything is so easy and breezy with him. No stress, No tension at all. They get along so beautifully that the whole academy is assuming that they are a couple; which is of course not true. Zorawar is Anahata’s really good friend and they have a good laugh about this assumption of people. Also to quote unquote he is in a relationship with this beautiful  Muslim girl Ambreen and has his own problems which he likes to drown in a drink or two. To damn with such regressive people who can’t handle friendship between a man and a woman and want to label everything. Who cares anyway what people think!!! Anahata has pleaded and literally begged Mr Fernandez that Zorawar should be her mentor but Mr Know it all thinks otherwise and feels they have too much fun and end up doing no work at all . Which is of course not true. Mr Fernanadez is just a bloody sadist and a tad too scared of his wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or for that matter even Monty could be her mentor. He is a decent guy. Monty has been long enough with the academy. He knows as much as Shawn. Monty is very diplomatic. You will never find him meddling in other people’s affairs. He likes to stay neutral. A little tad too professional. He is always very calm and composed. He never take's side's. Anahata really  hates this about him. She feels that you can’t be neutral all the time. You can't be a thali ka baingan;na idhar ka na udhar ka. Its difficult to provoke him into losing his control. He is not emotional at all. He is always in control. But he is a nice guy otherwisw. Whenever Anahata is frustrated with Shawn her go to is Monty to vent her anger. Monty listens to her  patiently and then advises her -let it go yaar………….this further antagonizes Anahata .But that’s how Monty is he is friends with everyone.

Then there is Henna who is apparently Shawn’s Girlfriend. Yuck………….. how can any girl tolerate him. She is sooooooooooooo in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee and she sees the sunnnnnnnnnnnn and the moonnnnnnnn in him. And also doesn’t mind sharing him with her best friend sheena!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow…………….love knows no boundaries. Whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Babe you really can do better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yeah also there’s a guy called Ryan……………………………...who Anahata’s not met as yet as he is on leave.

So Anahata is stuck with Devil’s spawn Shawn for now...................................😓😓😓

To be continued.........................................

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