January 25, 2017


Like Always Anahata is lost in her own world. There is this huge void within that she doesn’t Know how to fill up. She feels like a total stranger in her own body. She is constantly lost in her mind. A total disconnect with her own self. This feeling of emptiness within her is so overwhelming that sometimes she wonders if she could climb out of her body and just fly away to a no where land. She just wants to switch off these heavy and overwhelming feelings and sensations within her body. It’s so difficult for her to be just be present in the moment. She is always leaving her body and has made a home for herself in her mind. There is total mind and body disconnect. She is always lost in her thoughts. She just doesn’t understand why she feels the way she feels. She is so tired of all these feelings flowing through her. And none of these feelings feel good. They drain and fatigue her. Her eyes reflect this inner emptiness. There is an innate sadness in her eyes. She is always trying to hide her feelings from her friends and family. She doesn’t want to bother them with her troubles. So, she puts a smile on her lips but within she is totally messed up.

Anahata desperately wants to fall in love. Her heart aches for the most beautiful man who has the heart of a gold. She wants to be swept off her feet by a man like no other. She wants a love like no other. She dreams of a man who will take her breath away. A man who will love her, protect her and stand by her come what may. A man who has eyes for her and only her. A man with whom she can sing, laugh, dance, cry and stare deeply into his beautiful eyes. She wants to pour her heart out to him. A man with whom she can be all versions of herself; good, bad and ugly!!! No pretences. A man who is beautiful inside out. A Shiva like man. A man who will give up his everything to just be with her.A man who will fill this void; this emptiness within her. He will make her whole and complete!!!!

Anahata is a total dreamer………………………and apparently a little naïve and also watches too many holly and bolly love stories.Lol!!! Will she be able to find a Shiva like man or will she suffer a heart break like no other…………………………………………………………………………………………..

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