January 29, 2017


Today is a very Important day for Anahata. She has a very crucial meeting with a client. Since this is her first meeting she has to look her best. This is make or break for her. She has to make a good first Impression. Anahata knows that she is a beautiful girl. And when she walks into a room she makes her presence felt. She is five feet five inches tall, slim and trim. Fair complexion. She has a beautiful, clear and flawless skin. long beautiful tresses that fall till her waist. And her eyes are big and beautiful. She has been told many a times that her eyes are so mesmerising. And the hazel colour of her eyes can melt anyone’s heart. You can literally see what she is feeling at any given moment by just looking into her beautiful eyes. She is actually quite transparent that way. Anahata is a gorgeous girl. But she is not very comfortable with her feminity and tries to downplay her feminine beauty most of the times. She is more of a Tom Boy. She is not very comfortable with the male attention that she receives. So at her work place she has decided to friend zone all the guys. No one piques her Interest anyway!!!!

But today she is really nervous. She is lost in her head right now thinking what to wear for this meet. Finally, she decides to wear a saree as she has been told by Mr Fernandez that the client is a little conservative. Also Shawn-the dumb ass is accompanying her for this meeting. She just doesn’t trust him. God only know what plan he is cooking up in his mind to make her life more miserable. Anyways,she will cross that bridge when she gets there. Anahata looks at herself one more time in the mirror and is happy with her turn out. She is on her way out to meet with her client now.

2 hours later....................

Anahata just can’t believe what happened in the meeting today. Tears are shimmering in her eyes. She just can’t control her emotions now. How can Shawn do this to her. He completely humiliated her in front of the client. He made her look like a fool. And now Mr Fernandez is calling her Incompetent. What has she ever done to Shawn. Whys is he so mean to her. Anahata goes to the ladies locker room and is crying her heart out. She just can’t take all this crap from Shawn anymore. Anahata is sobbing so hard that Henna tells her to get a hold of herself and not to get so emotional. Her advise is “Shit Happens” . Move on!! Anahata dries her tears and strengthens her resolve that she will not let Shawn -The Devil’s Spawn win. To hell with him. As she re- enters the office premises with Henna. Zorawar and Monty come to her and try to console her and advise her to not let Shawn’s behaviour get to her. Mr Fernandez and Shawn are in an animated discussion. Shawn looks towards Anahata and gives her that evil grin. Anahata looks at him angrily and gives him a look of pure venom and looks the other way.

Anahata is angrily typing on her computer…………………………she is still very disturbed with the events of the day. She is physically present in the office but mentally else where. She is in a very bad frame of mind.She is oblivious to what is happening in the Marketing Department. She is feeling so lost and sad right now .Waves of loneliness are flowing through her whole body. Everybody else is having a merry time. Suddenly someone taps on her shoulder. Anahata is forced back down from her head and into her body. Zorawar and Monty are at her cubicle with a guy who Anahata has never seen before in the Academy.

Anahata shows complete disinterest in the guy standing with Zorawar and Monty. She just wants to be left on her own and not be bothered. She is actually being quite rude. The guy looks at her with an odd expression. Anahata doesn’t know who the hell he is and just wants him to get out of her face. He lifts his brow with an amused expression ; extends his hand towards Anahata  and Introduces himself - Hi! I am Ryan. The Senior most in the Marketing Department.
To Be Continued.....................................................................................................................

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