September 27, 2012


Every girl should have these seven must have colours in her wardrobe whether they are hot or not this season! What's hot this season is to feel really good about yourself. It is most fashionable to feel confident,energetic,full of vitality,positive,abundant,prosperous,enthusiastic and totally motivated.But in case you are not feeling happy with yourself ,negativity has encompassed your whole being, your mind is stressed out and your energy levels have dipped to a zero,then ladies its time to heal your self with these beautiful colours.

Our body has seven major energy centres known as chakras and if these energy centres are unbalanced then you feel negative,unhappy,stressed out, fear the unknown,demotivated,it affects your self esteem, you feel unstable,Insecure and alone ,you feel the disconnect with the supreme power,suffer from financial problems and much more.But you can set all this right by wearing the colors that will empower and heal you.These healing colours will start the flow of energy within your body and remove the negativity that has enveloped your whole being!   
Root Chakra:-The colour red represents the root chakra. Red symbolises vitality and life force.It is a very powerful colour.Red brings in passion and strength to your relationship,to your life and to your work.It symbolises fertility.A woman who wears this colour is Independent, bold, courageous,confident,she is a head turner,she is a leader,she is grounded,she is physically and mentally strong.She radiates vitality and energy. So wear this power colour and look stunningly beautiful and feel the power of red within you.!

Sacral Chakra:- This chakra governs creativity,sexuality and reproduction.The colour orange represents this energy centre.Orange is the colour of success and relates to self respect.This flamboyant colour radiates warmth and energy.A woman who favours this warm and  beautiful colour is very creative,imaginative,she has the ability to visualize,she is intuitive .She is aware of her sexuality and is very comfortable with it. Wear a beautiful ensemble in this gorgeous colour.You will instantly feel beautiful ,elevated and  creative energy flowing within you!
SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA:-  This chakra is the centre of personal power.The colour yellow represents this energy centre.The colour yellow shines with optimism,enlightment and happiness.A woman who wears this gorgeous sunny colour has a strong sense of personal power,she is expressive,she is creative,she is fun,she is outgoing,self respect is very important to her. She stimulates interest in people because of her shining personality.Feel empowered,confident,optimistic and most importantly look stunning in this lovely warm and energetic colour!
HEART CHAKRA:- The heart chakra is the centre of love and compassion.The emerald green colour represents this energy field .The colour green radiates great power of unconditional love,the more you love,the more love you will attract. This lovely colour balances our whole being.A woman who loves this colour is intelligent,compassionate,empathetic,outgoing,she is a humanitarian,she has the ability to see goodness in herself and others,she desires to nurture others.She is truly a beautiful woman with even more beautiful soul.By wearing this gorgeous colour we allow the stream of wellness and love to flow through our lives! 
THROAT CHAKRA:-.The throat chakra is the centre of communication.Sky blue colour represents this energy centre.The colour of oceans and sky,this gorgeous colour is truly magical. Blue is the colour of relaxation.Blue has a pacifying effect on the nervous system.It connects us spiritually.A woman who wears this heavenly colour communicates beautifully,she speaks her mind,she is an orator,she is centred,lives in the present,she is artistic,she feels oneness with all,she is spiritual.So heal yourself with this divine color and feel relaxed,happy,joyous,connected  to the universal energy.Feel blessed and feel beautiful!
Third Eye Chakra:-  The  third eye chakra is the centre of psychic powers and higher intuition.Indigo represents this energy centres. Indigo strengthens intuition,imagination,psychic powers and increases dream activity.The Indigo energy gives us the experience of being part of the whole universe.You feel spiritually connected.A woman who favours this colour is mysterious,charismatic,is very intuitive,she is not materialistic,she is spiritual,she has the ability to take calculated risks,she feel at one with the universal energy,she is clear sighted.When you wear this mysterious and mystical  colour you feel powerful,empowered and connected to the supreme power!
THE CROWN CHAKRA:- The crown chakra is the the source of  spiritual energy. Violet/Purple governs this energy centre.This mystical and magical  colour gives you inner strength and purifies your thoughts and feelings.A woman who wears this colour is mysterious,she is imaginative,highly Intutive,she is connected to the supreme power,she is spiritually enlightened,she is at peace with herself.Feel the universal energy being showered on you by wearing this divine colour!

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