September 13, 2012


So,I am in a mood to express gratitude to Google for creating  Blogger. If not for blogger,I would never have got an opportunity to connect with someone as wonderful and beautiful as the lovely "Anya Sarre".And Imagine the very ordinary me connecting with the "Hollywood Celebrity Stylist"(Yes,yesI confess that I am Hollywood and Bollywood struck,  so please don't hold that against me.). I received a mail form this very talented lady,that she loves my blog and would like to do a guest post for my readers!! I read the mail infinite  times before I could actually believe the written word,I have to say I was a little dazed and amazed. I also went a little philosophical and wondered as to how this had been brought about,most people would say technology,sure,but I say divine intervention( I know  I know  too much philosophy.......but thats my belief, makes me feel good and feeling good is what is important,right)

Anya Sarre

So, Anya is a celebrity stylist with "ShoeDazzle", she is the chief accessories and handbag stylist. ShoeDazzle is a premier one-of-a-kind styling services founded by"the Kim Kardashian".Anya works along side with the celebrity stylist Kim Kardashian!! I was really wowed as I watch "Keeping up with the Kardashians" all the time.I love the show. And here is a fashion diva who works with her. Anya has styled Hollywood's biggest celebrities,she is Hollywood's most influential trend setters .I personally love the jewellery that she wears.They reflect her personality,her jewellery is stylish, sophisticated,young,hip, they are statement pieces,totally fabulous. Named "Best Television Fashion Stylist" for her appearances on Entertainment Tonight,The Insider and countless other media outlets.So,of course I said yes,I would love to have her as a guest blogger!! Check out the video featuring Anya and Kim Kardashian.
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