September 30, 2012


I am a huge Shahrukh Khan fan and when I was in school I  wanted to marry him but unfortunately he was already married and that really broke my heart! But what is it about Shahrukh,that women all over the world are totally in love with him.Not his looks for sure,Shahrukh is not conventionally good looking,he is the boy next door,actually he is quite ordinary to look at.But there is something very attractive about him, I find Shahrukh very charismatic,he has a dynamic personality,he is an excellent orator, he is a business man par excellence,he is strong willed,he believes in himself ,and what really  commands my respect is that he  is a complete family man,his devotion for his wife and children is truly beautiful and that's what sets him apart from all the bollywood actors and of course he is god's favourite child,truly blessed!

I love Shahrukh's look in his upcoming film "Jab Tak Hai Jaan".He is palying an Army Officer and my god he is looking so handsome in combats,(of course,I am partial to men in uniform because my husband is one too,and he looks awesome in combats as well!) I love the bearded look,he is totally rocking it! He looks raw and edgy,I have to say his stylist has done a fabulous fabulous job. Shahrukh 's never looked better.I guess he should go for the bearded look more often,it looks really good on him.Way to go Shahrukh!!
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