September 14, 2012


Hey,everyone I am Anya Sarre.I am a Hollywood celebrity stylist. A few days ago I ran across Neha's blog and  I loved the advice and knowledge that she shares with her readers.I offered  to be a guest blogger as I felt that I can provide her readers with some great advice about fashion to show them that they are beautiful,confident and strong.In this post I will talk about Belted maxis and accessories for your fall wardrobe.Hope you enjoy this post.

Take extra care with your look this fall. Put effort into fashion for all that it gives you. Fashion gives you confidence, admiration of others and fun! Putting together your own look from fall’s must-have pieces ensures you’ll be at the head of the pack.

One of the must-have looks for fall is the belt. Belts are so big this season, adding that tailored look to every outfit. This season’s belts are edgier, bolder updates on the old classic. Belting a maxi dress creates an edgy look that is both retro and new. So start with a maxi dress with a full skirt. Choose a maxi-dress in a bold bright color. A bold blue or crisp fall colors like russet work well. Pick a bold thick belt to belt around it. This belted look can work on all body types if you use some imagination. The belt creates a waist where needed. It can create curves where there were none by accentuating the waist.

Don’t skimp on accessories or the perfect pair of shoes! Shearling and glittery looks are in. Pair your belted maxi with shearling boots and a embellished patterned bag. A shearling cardigan pulls it all together for a very chic ensemble. Shearling gives that hot, earthy look that is perfect for fall. Incorporate this key trend into your look. Always a fashion staple, zebra patterns give pop to your outfit. Try zebra patterned bags, belts and boots. Go easy on the jewelry with this look. Let the key pieces and patterns shine instead.

It’s OK to snag those items that will carry through the season. A good shearling jacket is game for a variety of looks. Let it be your calling card this fall. Although zebra is memorable, a quality zebra belt or bag becomes a signature. Whatever you wear this season, let your style come through. Preparing your closet for fall saves you time as you walk out the door. If you’ve already got great pieces in your wardrobe, they should come together with ease.

Feel good this fall in clothes expressing your style. Fashion can brighten the dullest task and energize your school or workday. Make friends with accessories this season and shine!

P.S. Thanks,Anya for doing this guest blog.Truly appreciate it.You are my first celebrity guest blogger,hopefully many more to come.I am sure my readers will definitely benefit from your advise.Thanks a ton!

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