September 7, 2013


Dear Papa

Its been years since I last saw you in this realm. Today I feel immense sadness that you are no longer with me.I miss you very much.......papa.I really wish that you were still with us.I have so much to share with you.You were always my favourite parent. I saw God in you.I only saw goodness in you.For me you were perfection.You were and are the most amazing father in all of the universe.You gave me so much love.You gave me your unconditional support.You never judged me inspite of me being a "Drama/Tantrum Queen".You were my guardian angel.I felt so safe with you.With you by my side I felt divinely protected.I hated anyone/everyone who was disrespectful or rude to you.I felt protective of you,I felt I had to protect you from people who were unkind and did not appreciate your goodness.I could not and still cannot tolerate anyone speaking one word against you.My heart wells up with love when I remember those beautiful memories that we shared.

Papa,I cannot even begin to thank you for being such an amazing father.You worked so hard,so that you could give us a good life.You yourself never enjoyed the fruits of your labour.You thought about us all the time.You left us financially independent and for that we will always be very greatful to you.Sometimes I feel very very sad that you departed from this plane so early in life.I wish I had a few more years of grace with you.Papa, you were not only a good father but also a great son,son-in-law,husband,brother and a friend.I love you with all my heart and soul.Nikhil also misses you very much,he was just a little boy when you left us.I know I was the apple of your eyes,Nikhil always tells me that you loved me more,though I deny that was not the case but in my heart of heart I know that I did recieve more of your love,I spent most beautiful 21 years of my life with you and he had very few years with you.But I have to tell you ,from a brat who used to irritate the hell out of me,he has transformed into a very loving and supportive brother.Mummy misses you too.We all miss you very much.

I know that you are in a better place and I pray to God that wherever you are,please bless my father with an abundant life because he deserves it.I am truly blessed that I was born to you and mummy,that I am your daughter and you are my father in this lifetime.I am sure that we have spent many lifetimes together.And yes we will surely meet when this chapter of my life concludes,which I hope is not any time soon as there is so much that I aspire and desire to do in this lifetime so that I can make you proud,the way I am proud of you.I am truly greatful to all the people who extended their love and support to us all those years ago.And thank you God for blessing me with such an exceptional father.Thank You,Thank You,Thank You.

Me and My Papa

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