September 11, 2013

You are the Leading Sperm!

Looking up to others is a positive trait,but it
becomes a weakness when it leads you into
 submission.Look up without submitting
 yourself.You can become better than your
 boss.What is possible for one man is
 possible for all men.What one man can do,
  all men can do;infact,do better.You were not
  born to follow.Remember you were the leading sperm.
  Even as a sperm you were not a follower.You were born to lead
  Live up to your inheritance.

Wow,I have never thought this way! It never even came to my mind,that truly we are the leading sperms.We all emerged as winners in this race towards creation of life.We are not followers! Period! we led and we won,hands down! We should pat ourselves on the back and celebrate on being victorious.Out of a million, we are the ones who won the race!Can you imagine a million and more? Wow, what a grand victory! Then does it make sense that most of us think so less of ourselves.We are so critical of ourselves.We are constantly judging ourselves. We do not give ourselves due credit.We are constantly finding faults with ourselves.We appreciate the potential that we see in others but not in ourselves.We follow others like sheep when we are born leaders ourselves.Now I truly understand the meaning of a "Born Leader". Is it not symbolic that if  we can emerge victorious and defeat a million and billion others before we were born then Imagine our potential now that we are fully grown humans.As a sperm we did not think small ,then why now? These lines have truly opened my mind and has made me see things differently. Love it

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