September 28, 2013


Many times as I have strolled across Dlf Promenade,Vasant kunj,everytime I bypass a foot spa by the name of "AROMA THAI". Though it looks very beautiful ,inviting and serene from the outside but almost every time   my mind on its own volition comes up with the conclusion that it must be very expensive,a pre conceived  notion that always deterred me from experiencing the beauty of a foot spa.But this time was very different, it was as if  this spa was calling onto me so I decided to atleast checkout the prices.As I was going through the service menu,I found that a 30 Minute foot spa costs Rs 1060,which really is not too much.So  I decided to give it a try after a lot of contemplation whether its worth it or not,a battle ensued in my mind whether I should go for a foot spa or a pedicure! So I decided that since I have never experienced a Thai foot spa,I should go for it.

As I told my choice to the lady at the reception,this very petite looking girl wearing  a thai ensemble took me inside the spa. Never before have I experienced the beauty of silence and stillness.I never knew that silence can be so beautiful and rejuvenating.There is a pin drop silence in the spa.Lights are dim and the whole environment is so fragrant.The feeling of peace is a little hard to describe,its to be experienced! As she massages my foot, its truly so blissful, I can feel the energy flowing through my foot  to the crown of my head.A wave of clamness,serenity and tranquility washes over me.I feel  I have been transported to another world,a world without a thought in my mind.My mind goes completely blank.There is total silence within me and outside of me.Its a very unique and a beautiful feeling-this blankness,this stillness and this silence.Experience it for yourself,its blissful and totally worth it.

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