September 8, 2013


Last month I attended a workshop in New Delhi organized by "New Age Foundation" on "The Law of Attraction" by Mr Suresh Padmanabhan.This was a one day workshop from 9 Am to 9 PM.Since most of us have read and seen the movie "The Secret" we all know to some extent what is law of attraction and how it can help us in drawing whatever that we wish to attract to ourselves.Since I have read many books on the subject but thought it was time now to attend a live workshop on  the above subject by someone who has deep knowledge of the same.Frankly, I did not know what to expect out of this workshop but I was very excited to participate.As I reached Hotel Legend Inn, Kailash Colony I was a little nervous as I had no idea what kind of people would be attending this workshop.But believe me it was  an experience to remember,I met some really cool and awesome people doctor,makeup artists,business men, a magician,an 8 year old boy attending with his father,a vaastu expert,reiki healer,college stundent and the list goes on.........There were about 30  odd people attending this workshop and as we were Interacting and Introducing ourselves to each other,Mr Suresh Padmanabhan entered the conference hall and everybody stood up and applauded him as many had previously attended his workshop and clearly seemed in awe of him.I have to but say what an orator,he speaks with such force and authority over the subject that you cannot but listen with total focus and concentration.He divulged a lot of information about laws of the universe and how to play the game of life.

He made us do a lot of fun excercises to give us a better understanding of the workings of the universe.We were made to express our inner most feelings to complete strangers.The whole atmosphere was so magical and charged with such postivity and goodness that I felt that I had entered an alternate universe where human beings are so good to each other.Everybody was so encouraging and loving and kind to each other.

 One excercise that was so fun and nerve wrecking at the same time-he was going to give us a live demonstration of how to remain calm and composed in the face of Impending financial loss.Our name tags will go into a bag and the name that is first called out will have to shell out Rupees 100,the second name called will pay Rupees 200,third one Rupees 500 and the fourth person will have to shell out the grand amount of Rs 1000.Now the whole class became very still and silent,everybody looked at each other and mind you this money was not returned.Everybody was very jittery and nervous as no one wanted that their names should be called out.Says Mr Padmanabhan, the  peson who fears the most right at this moment will attract the loss to him/herself,because the surest and the quickest way to attract anything in your life is to fear it.When you fear something you can rest assured that you will draw it to yourself.Says Mr Padmanabhan, now feel what is going on inside of you,the feeling of nervousness,tension,fear whatever in this point of time we are feeling is being projected to the universe and the universe will pick up this vibration and say "Your wish is my command".

The First name gets called out and he shells out 100 bucks and everybody tells this individual that he is very lucky that he suffered a minimum loss.Says Mr Padmanabhan, this is where the game changes when you affirm to yourself that whatever is happening is for my highest good and something good will come out of it ,then everything gets transformed and the situation becomes favourable because you have changed your perception about the so called loss.You cannot control the event but you can choose to control how to experience this event.Feel this feeling of calmness,relief and serenity that this individual is feeling right now,say Mr Padmanabhan.This is how you have to feel when you are experiencing an event that is not going in your favour.The game is to remain still,calm,composed,serene and unshaken by the events happening outside of you and the you will see  that everything changes with a change in perception.The loss happened but you now view it with a changed mind set.That is the power we possess.The power to experience the event or the situation the way we wish to.It is very easy to be positive when things are going well and are in you favour but to remain positive in the face of Impending doom and continously affirming to yourself that everything is for your highest good is where the mastery lies.Everything is relative,good or bad,its how we view things.You can transform something that you consider bad by changing your perception about the whole event and again with a change in perception everything transforms.To play the game of life its important to abide by the rules because when you don't life becomes a continous struggle.Problems that we face in our lives are a cue from the universe that we are going in the wrong direction and its time to get back on the right track.

Loved,Loved,Loved this whole excercise.I cannot even begin to tell how amazing this workshop was.I had an awesome time.What beautiful and awesome insights,they truly open your mind  and the door to world of possibilities.I cannot share all the information in one post but bit by bit I would love to share what I learnt in this workshop in my forthcoming posts.If you get an opportunity,please do attend this workshop,I highly recommend it.

Mr Suresh Padmanabhan

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